10,001 Angels

R.S McCain has been the subject of harassing attacks recently from obsessive stalker Bill Schmalfeldt. Stacy wrote a piece about it entitled Pray for Ten Thousand Angels that lays out what’s been happening with him, including explicit threats against Stacy’s wife. It’s craziness and you have to read it to appreciate what’s going on.

I’d like to add something to Stacy’s narrative about Schmalfeldt and his background. Stacy does a great job of pointing out BS’s spotty and suspect ‘journalism’ background and how he used a fake identity of “Bill Matthews” to blog at The Examiner website.

Let me add one angel to McCain’s 10,000; my late friend Andrew Breitbart.

This is the aspect of this that Stacy didn’t get into and really, here’s everything you need to know about Bill Schmalfeldt : he mocked Andrew Breitbart’s death and deliberately misled Examiner readers about a website and Twitter account that he made specifically to mock Andrew’s loss. This is a horrible person. And further, he defends Brett Kimberlin in the story.  This is a sick, twisted person.

Here’s the article Schmalfeldt wrote under an assumed name where he says:

Yesterday, someone started a satirical website called “Big Damnation.” It is a swipe at the right wing blogosphere posing as the late Andrew Breitbart, blogging from hell, where his eternal punishment is to “tell the truth forever and ever” to make up for the lies he told in life. The name pokes fun at the “Big Government” and “Big Journalism” sites Breitbart operated before his “Big Heart Attack” on March 1.

The blog had an accompanying Twitter account @DeadAndrew.

Someone? SOMEONE started a website? No, YOU did. YOU, the author of the article. So you’re covering that up.

A contemptible person. Not a journalist. A liar. A bully. A misogynist. And horribly ineffective.

That isn’t journalism. It’s pathology.



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