Train Day

One of my plans for this vacation week was to take the kids out on a train ride. You can ride the Metro system for $3 for the entire day and the North Hollywood and Universal stations are less then 10 minutes from our place.

So at about noon, we set up. We brought water bottles and some chips in a bag. We had fun – the train was a biug adventure for Jack and Olivia. We stopped at Hollywood and Highland for a little bit so Shane could see the giant bean bag chairs at LoveSac. I’d love a few of those in a yurt, I would. (On a side note, while finding the LoveSac link I found the CEO of the company’s blog, which I want to check out later.)

Then we went a few more stops to the Vermont And Santa Monica station, where the mighty El Gran Burrito is. We had four of their great tacos, plug nachos and chicken chimichangas that were great.

Chimichangas, Cotija Cheese And Crema At El Gran Burrito

Then I was tired and hot and kind of sick and it was around three o’clock so we went home. The kids would have liked to keep going but the trains were starting to become standing room only and I just couldn’t deal.

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Langer’s, Griffith Park, Errands

Lauren and I got the kids up and at ’em early and we headed over to Langer’s Deli, because their pastrami sandwich is legendary, it’s an L.A. restaurant with a lot of history and because of their hours – they close at 4pm – it’s a hard place for me to eat at during the work week. One of the Langer’s stories you read about is that it’s a traditional Jewish deli in a block that used to be Jewish but is now heavily Hispanic.

That doesn’t tell the whole story because the neighborhood isn’t just Hispanic but it’s kind of scary, too. Two guys agressively tried to sell me fake ID. A couple of guys were leaning on our car and didn’t seem like they wanted to get up even when we came back to the car. These aren’t normal events in Los Angeles neighborhoods I go to, Hispanic or not, and I go all over town.

The food was very good, although the Pastrami sandwich wasn’t a radical improvement on every other pastrami sandwich I’ve ever had. In fact, I think I probably prefer The Hat if I had to pick one.

Then we went to the one of the playgroungs hidden sort of deeply in Griffith Park. It’s a nice playground and the kids had fun but DAMN it’s HOT in Los Angeles this week. 100 degrees every day. I was already exhausted and so was Lauren so we left after about a half hour.
Then home and then more errands. Lauren took a blood test which turned out welll and she hasn’t been naseous all day so the panic attack and it’s aftermath seem to be over and thank goodness for that. She’s still weak and doesn’t have much of an appetite, but she’s functioning and better.

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First Day Of My Vacation

It kind of feels like the first day of my vacation even though it really started on Monday. I have the whole week off of work but between court, the church sale, and Lauren getting sick it’s been non-stop action for literally the last week. I took off work early on last Thursday and it hasn’t slowed down since.

Still been getting stuff done around the house, though. Little errands. Printed out a couple of new Postcard X cards but the Pixma  1500 printer seems like it’s dying. The green and blue inks didn’t print but that only made the cards more arty.

The iRiver T30 – still kind of fucked. Seems like one I add Audible content, I can’t add more Yahoo Music Content or I get a licensing error and have to reformat. So, I’m adding a shitload of YME content and hopefully that will be enough.

I’m really exahusted, too.

Dynebolic 2.9

Looks like I just missed hearing about this. I downloaded and fired it up – looks nice, including FireFox – but no games that I could see. So, my kids need the older version!

dyne:bolic 2.0 codename DHORUBA is released, based on the new dyne:II modular core, running a 2.6 linux kernel optimized for low latency in desktop and multimedia use. Read the release announcement and the up to date user’s manual. Now dyne can create dyne, it’s when live really means live, stay tuned for the upcoming special editions 😉

d y n e : b o l i c — a free multimedia studio in a GNU/Linux live CD

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Panic Blogging: 11:23am

The IV Goes Drip Drip Drip Drip Drip…
Since Lauren still wasn’t better, I felt like we had to take her to the doctor’s. The Kaiser Permanente is Sunset is hellacious, however. Long waits in bad rooms overcrowded with people who are also sick or related to sick people and you’re all stuck there. I don’t understand why they can’t get simple stuff like waiting rooms and lighting correct. If I’d brought Lauren there, it would have sucked and made her worse. The staff is generally less good, too. One time at Sunset, they literally pulled a very sick Lauren from her room and stuck her back in the waiting room in the 15 minutes it took for me to walk and get a smoothie. Crazy. Fuckers.
Kaiser Glendale is much much nicer. Carpet and better chairs and the staff doesn’t snap at you the way they do at Sunset. So, we went there first thing this morning. They got Lauren right in. Good, nice Doctor. They helped Lauren and gave her drips and pills. Got her rehydrated and less nauseous very quickly and then we got the perscriptions we needed. Very positive experience and everyone from security guard to the nurses to the student doctor was great.
Back at home, Shane threw up again. He seems okay, though. Lauren’s resting right now and says she hasn’t felt as comfortable in three days. I’m tired, too.

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