Nice Weekend

Been having a very nice weekend with that always good combination of productivity, quality time with the kids and lots of lovin’. The heat’s been the one negative factor. At the grocery store last night, because of the heat they’d removed ALL the meat from the meat section, leaving only…umm…a section. An empty section.

I Sweat With Everyone


They predicted today would be the hottest day of the year. And look! They were so right!

I spent part of the morning hanging sheets over the windows in the living room. We’re only trying to cool the living room in a divide and conquer strategy to beat the hear. And despite my best efforts and a 7500 BTU air conditioner, it’s still about 88 degrees in the ‘cool room.’ That ain’t cool.

I Sweat With Kevin Smith

There’s a lot of really exciting / interesting stuff going on but of course I can’t or don’t talk about most of it. One big thing is that I’ve been working on developing some television projects and it’s been going really well. Amazingly well, actually. No details right now, though.

Then today I’m leaving work and there’s Kevin Smith right in front of me. He was doing something for Leno. So I say hi and mention that I have Bluntman and Chronic action figures on my wall. He’s walking so I walk with him and it turns out the guards wouldn’t let him park near the Tonight Show so his car is way out near where I park. I walk with him the whole way and talk about one of the projects we’re developing and something we wanted him to do. He likes the idea. More chit chat, about some of the reviews I’d seen on IMDB and I also jabbered some shit about the time we’d talked before about 8 years ago and people we know in common like Fred Tepper. I’m 40 years old and I have 4 kids which means I have little excuse for acting like an idiot fan boy, but there you go…I did.
To fully paint this picture, it’s about 99 degrees out when we walk and so it’s me and Kevin Smith – two fat white guys – boiling in the sun and walking. By the time we got to the lot, it wasn’t a pretty picture. But Mr. Smith was very nice and now we’ll see if the project happens.


Took a good little class on pitching shows to television tonight taught by Chad Gervich and I liked it a lot. I got just what I needed from it.

One idea that he emphasized is how important it is to connect projects to your own unique personal experience. I agree completely with that and I was actually thinking lately that when I was trying to make films ten years ago I didn’t really have the depth of experience to make anything particularly deep. So much has happened the past nine years – my relationship with Lauren, the loss of friends, my kids, and on and on – it’s all made me a much more layered person. Not ‘better’ because that’s not for me to judge, but certainly a lot more experienced and nuanced.

Then on the way home from class, Song From An American Movie Part 2 by Everclear was on. And Art Alexakis sings…

Our life is going to get better
(Yeah it’s going to be better)

I wake up weird in the middle of the night
I walk the floor until my mind gets right
I think about the past and it makes me want to cry
I know…I got to keep it on the inside

I want to get lost from my life sometimes
Sit on the side and watch the world go by
I want to get lost in the dark and dream for awhile
Just sit inside a dark room and dream for awhile

The only thing that ever makes sense to me
Is the words to a song from an American movie

The only thing that ever made sense in my life
Is the sound of my little girl laughing
Alive and happy in the summertime

I am just like everyone I know
I am afraid of things that I don’t know
I am afraid of ever really being alone

Preach, brother.

It also occured to me since I added the ‘category cloud’ to this blog that shows how much I write about something by making the words bigger, the obviously biggest ones are Wife and Kids and Life and that really about sums it up pretty well.