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I’ve had a low level cough for around four weeks now. I haven’t been feeling congested particulary and for the first couple of weeks I wasn’t feeling congested at all.

About a week ago, I started taking cough drops and it really helped. Sure, I had to keep sucking on a fresh cough drop every few minutes and Lauren can’t get too close to me because the menthol smell makes her nostrils flare and involuntarily jerk her head back and I have dozens of little cough drop wrappers in piles all around my office and bedroom. But it’s stopped my cough.

It’s also stopped my tastebuds. Everything tastes awful. Bowls of cereal taste like cardboard chips. A bowl of ginger beef from a really good Thai restaurant down the street tasted like like straw and paste. I can’t cook either but I overseason everything. I committed an atrocity to a perfectly good bowl of chicken soup Lauren made and then suffered through it to atone.

It got worse whem I went from the Honey Lemon flavor to the Strawberry flavor. Strawberry is much sweeter, so now the Honey Lemon flavor tastes like I’m sucking on rocks from a fish bowl.

More Breathing Room Stills

Maryscott O’Connor On Camera on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I actually feel like I’m in a good position to finally get my decade old unreleased romantic comedy Breathing Room up and posted online at the Breathing Room movie site in the next few weeks. The plan is to post the whole thing there in bite sized segments but I may want to edit the thing some more once it’s digitzed.

This picture features noted blogger Maryscott O’Connor from MyLeftWing.com , the lead actress in Breathing Room, with a big honking 35mm film camera over her head.

I Parody A Goofy Film Making Manifesto And Get boingboing’d!

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So, the mighty boingboing.net had a post earlier tonight about ‘The Lumiere Manifesto’, which is sort of a Dogme95 type manifesto for videobloggers. The people who wrote the Manifesto from VideoBloggers.info mean well, I think, and I bet some interesting stuff may come out of it but when I read it also struck me as goofy in the way all ‘Manifestos’ are.

I read it about 7:30 tonight and by 8:30, I’d registered a domain name – SnottyDouche.info – and had written a parody of the manifesto. (And who would have thought SnottyDouche.info would still be available!!??) I posted a quick comment back at boingboing and then took the kids out to get a happy meal. The whole thing came together in less than an hour.

I check back and low and behold, Xeni has posted an update about my site. I am a huge boingbong fan, so thanks and how fucking cool. And pretty interesting, because I’ve been thinking for a couple of days about a new focus for Stranahan.com that features a lot more original content – in face, I barely posted the past couple of days because I’ve been wondering how it would go. So, so far – so far so good. Plus, Xeni had a picture on her profile of her playing video games with my former co-worker Wil Wheaton, so add that to the karmameter.

Thought For The Day

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So much of personal development helps you get things done faster and makes you feel better about it. But if you don’t know what your mission is in life, your purpose and your destination, what’s really important to you…then it’s like fine-tuning a Ferrari and pointing it in the wrong direction

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