Quick Little Update…

Still haven’t gotten back into much of a workflow groove, so mostly I just worry lately. But Christmas was nice – the kids liked their stuff and Lauren made a yummy pork roast, which means sandwiches for days.

I built a new computer a couple of days ago because my studio computer was becoming a total bogged down pain and was making me less productive.

More later.

What Ails Rudy

My newest release…

Here’s the ‘real’ news..

In a taped interview to air Sunday morning on ABC-TV’s ‚ÄúThis Week with George Stephanopoulos,” Giuliani says it was actually a severe headache — the most painful he’s ever had — that worsened all day and especially after takeoff. Within 10 minutes of departure, he said, he ordered the plane turned around.

Top of the Ticket : Los Angeles Times : Giuliani, back on the trail, explains his medical problem

And here’s my take…

Whew! Yawn. Huh? Zing!

I’ll admit that I really haven’t fully gotten a handle on my newfound whatever the hell it is. A friend of mine said that my fifteen minutes of fame has extended into twenty minutes of fame but that doesn’t seem exactly right. Another friend says it seems like I have a new career as in political comedy and that seems more right except I hear in a career you get paid and so far no checks have arrived. And like my friend Brad Carvey says, out of seven sure things one will happen.

I used to have a routine for bloggins and work and so on and that’s all been shot to hell. I have the next 10 days or so off work, though, so I have time to regroup a bit and to also make a few more videos.

Here’s a chart tracking my total views on YouTube for the past ten days.