Cecsa’s Snark Break Video: The Tide Is Turning

Well done mashup – it’s like the Yes, We Can video for semi-middle-aged rock fans! Cesca says…

The song and the speech compelled me to take a break from the snark to assemble this mash-up as a tribute to everyone who has endured this seven-year-long dark ride; and to everyone who hopes that America can and will change for the better

Until recently, I honestly didn’t think it was possible. And even though it’s only the beginning, Senator Obama’s campaign is clearly our best shot to, at the very least, turn the tide against this seemingly interminable darkness.

No Quitters

Hillary & Bill 2 on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

Former US President Bill Clinton also made it clear that his wife would not bow out, saying “my family’s not big on quitting – you probably noticed that”.

Hillary Clinton vows to fight on against Barack Obama | Herald Sun

Yeah, Bill. We noticed.

But let’s pretend for a moment that you HAD quit, Bill. Like what if you’d quit when it became clear that you’d committed perjury and lied to American people about Monica Lewinsky? So – instead of hanging on until the bitter end – you’d just apologized and quit? Al Gore becomes president until the end of the term and probably does a great job. America moves on…

And Al Gore almost certainly beats George Bush in 2000. No Bush presidency – no Iraq war, no mismanagement of Katria, a world that likes us, a strong economy.

But you didn’t quit. You stayed – not for ‘us people’, but for yourself. Thanks so much.

Jeff Jarvis And The Florida And Michigan Votes

I guess I’m more of a fan of Jeff Jarvis than he is of me. I’ve always liked his appearances on the various cable shows and BuzzMachine blog is very good. His PrezVid site mentioned me a few months ago, saying…

A guy named Lee Stranahan has started turning out parodies of campaign commercials that aren’t bad. Each has its chortle op.

Search for stranahan at PrezVid

‘Aren’t bad’ isn’t the highest praise, but can’t expect people to be anything but honest and different people have different tastes.

But last night, I saw an anti -Obama rant from Jarvis, who is a Hillary supporter and maybe I understand the digging me gap more because my videos have been pretty hard on Hillary going back to my very early Open Letter To Barack Obama, which is more true today as it was when I produced it in December.

Hillary supporters didn’t dig that one and it was (I think) the 3rd video I made. This morning, he’s written a new post quoting an Arkansas paper….

Democrats were outraged that, due to the Supreme Court’s ruling in Bush vs. Gore, not all of Florida’s presidential votes counted. In 2008, advanced thinkers supporting Sen. Barack Obama have persuaded themselves that fairness dictates that none of them should count.

BuzzMachine » Blog Archive » Say Amen

Which leads me to a question that I don’t think Hillary supporters would answer honestly – if the shoe were on the other foot and it was Obama who had broken the rules and their agreement in Michigan and put their name on the ballot instead of Hillary – would they feel the same way?

And of course, they wouldn’t. This is about Hillary, not about the voters. It’s about Hillary doing or saying anything to win.

The Hillary supporters don’t seem to understand that the reason many of us are Obama supporters is because he didn’t put his name on the Michigan ballot. He’s not saying or doing anything to win. He is markedly different then Hillary in this regard which is exactly why we like him.