FX Mogul Radio: Cole & Branit

Thanks so much to our guests for this week’s episode of FX Mogul Radio.

Dylan Cole is a matte painter and concept artist whose credits include 2012, G.I. Joe, Avatar, and Lord of The Rings : The Return Of The King. Visit his website DylanColeStudio.com for more information and samples of his amazing work.

Bruce Branit is a visual effcts artist and filmmaker with credits including Lost, King Kong and Enterprise. His $300 short film World Builder has attracted millions of viewers worldwide. For Bruce’s reel visit BranitVFX.com.

Here’s Bruce’s YouTube page which includes his film 405.

World Builder from BranitVFX on Vimeo.

Here’s the link to show – FX Mogul Radio.

Chomsky On The Danger Of The Media

The title on the video ‘ Noam Chomsky Compares Right-Wing Media To Nazis – is misleading because his point is a million times more nuanced than painting a Hitler mustache on a picture of the President.

And Chomsky indentifies something really important here that I’ve said before – the Tea Baggers and the Town Hall people do have a correct sense that something is wrong. They just don’t see what really is going on and don’t understand the solution.