Chris Guillebeau : Part 1

Here’s Part 1 of my interview with blogger, world traveler and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau from the blog The Art Of Nonconformity. Chris’s also had book coming out in September of this year. Chris is a great example of a guy who is not only consciously living the life that he wants to, but also goes out of his way to show genuine concern for other people.

Amanda Palmer Intervew, Part 1

Wow. I had a pretty amazing two hour conversation with musician Amanda Palmer last night. I wrote a piece for the Huffington Post about the news she made at the Golden Globe awards earlier in the week and a little about her recent engagement to writer Neil Gaiman. But honestly, this short segment doesn’t give an accurate sense of the breadth and awesome of the interview – I’ll be posting it in sections, the way I did with my interview with director Kevin Smith a while back.

But if you can’t possibly wait, here’s a full half hour of the interview you can listen to right now. It contains 8 minutes of stuff that’s in Part 1 of the YouTube video but has 22 minutes of other stuff including interesting details about how Amanda and Neil met and her reaction to his writing. If you’re either an Amanda Palmer or Neil Gaiman fan OR if you just like romantic stories about interesting people, you’ll want to hear this…

And the “video” of Part 1 of the interview – feel free to embed it on your own site.

And here’s one of my favorite songs / videos from her Ben Fold produced solo album Who Killed Amanda Palmer?Leeds United.

More Dragon

I don’t know if I can accurately convey just what a big deal Dragon NaturallySpeaking is for me. I sent out a newsletter to my visual effects mailing list and it involved writing a big chunk of copy. You can see what I mean, here. If I had to type all of that — seriously it would have made me cry. And so to avoid crying, I simply wouldn’t have written that copy. I wrote my last piece for the Huffington Post, using Dragon. I’ve written e-mails with it. Really incredible. And around $50, too.