Interview : Living Off The Grid

Over 1,000,000 people in the United States are living off the grid according Nick Rosen, editor of and the author of the new book Off the Grid: Inside the Movement for More Space, Less Government, and True Independence in Modern America

They range from right wing survivalists to left wing environmentalists to working people trying to save money and energy. In my exclusive interview with Nick, we discuss how he came to be involved in the off the grid movement, some of the people who are doing it and a few practical considerations.

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The Beautiful Kind : Firing & Slut Shaming

Fired for writing a sex-positive website…or just fired for being sex-positive? That’s what happened to TBK, writer and editor of The Beautiful Kind. In this interview, we talk about the details of her firing, why she took the site down and then put it back up again, authenticity, internet privacy and a lot more.

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Family Experiments

I’ve been combining exercise with watching movies this week, thanks to the iPad, Netflix and a treadmill. The iPad fits perfectly on the treadmill and streams films while I walk in place for an hour at a time.

Watched a couple of excellent documentaries about people trying to put together their own unique form of families with mixed results. One film is Commune, a look at the hippies who formed Black Bear Commune in far Northern California in the late 1960s. The other is Surfwise, Doug Pray’s film about “Doc” Paskowitz’s family of nine kids who grew up traveling the world in an RV and surfing.

I’m really interesting in ways people try to live outside the norms of society and both films showcase people who did it with mixed and sometimes tragic results. You can watch both films as instant streaming films on NetFlix and I really recommend both.

Both films show families who ‘experimented’ in how they raised their kids but really — isn’t that what everyone does? Even parents who raise their kids in a supposedly normal or traditional way are experimenting, just not in a very creative way. They hope things work out well for their kids by not being too radical but that often doesn’t work out, either.

We’re so influenced by our own upbringing that we mostly just do a combination of things our parents did, the opposite of things our parents did, and some stuff we picked up from books magazine articles or our acquaintances. That’s kind of a recipe for disaster if you think about it. It’s a wonder anything ever works out.

The Tragic Remains Of My Margaret Cho Interview

I had the good fortune to be able to interview Margaret Cho, only to have that good fortune be snatched from my grasp.

This audio explains, gives a little bit of the interview and as a bonus you get to hear me babble like idiot. Enjoy!

Grand Ideas 01 : Johnny B. Truant

Would you like to add a thousand dollars a month income, working from home? That’s enough money to easily replace a full time minimum wage job. It’s enough to cover a good chunk of rent for most people or pay for health insurance. It’s a cool new gadget or nice weekend getaway. It’s not that much money in the scheme of things but it’s enough to make a difference in most people’s lives.

I’ve started a new series of free audio recording called Grand Ideas where I ask people who are making a living working from home what they would do if they had to bring in $1000 a month, starting from scratch.

My first interview is my friend Johnny B. Truant, my partner in the Question The Rules course and a very smart dude. Please visit Johnny’s website to learn more about him.