May you live in interesting times. — Ancient Chinese curse.

A quick note to you, Dear Reader…

I’ve been keeping the good stuff from you.

Too often for a writer, I have acted as a coward. I have held back the juicy, stomach churning, nail biting drama of my life and it hasn’t been fait to either you or to me.

One obvious example is from over a year ago, when my family was living in a hotel for about six months. It was cramped and uncomfortable, it was scary some days when we couldn’t even afford the hotel for the day..but it was really interesting. I should have been writing about it at the time.

I chickened out.

I was too worried about criticism and about preserving some Image of normality. I did touch on the subject a bit at the time but I did it in a way that felt safe to me. I never really dug right into the day to day reality of my life t that time. That makes sense on a human level but as a writer, it was a gutless thing to do.

I don’t say any of this out of regret but just as an acknowledgement of where I was and where I want to be headed. I’m in another period of transition, another shedding of old skin. I’m writing this on a train speeding through Arizona at 5am, almost totally broke, in failing health and with a future that’s very uncertain right now…my family about to leave our home to move back into a hotel in the five days.

Sounds like a pretty compelling story, doesn’t it?

As I move into a phase where I take myself seriously as a writer, I need to ignore the fears that have kept me from telling the most compelling stories I can.

The Next Episode….

I’m sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Los Angeles with Jack, who came out in this trip wipth me. Our train ride out was extra long. We kept Albuquerque close to 2 hours late and then around Flagstaff the train had to stop for another cowpoke of hours because we got word that someone had gotten killed by a freight train on the tracks ahead. This all meant that rather than getting into Los Angeles at 8am, we rolled in at noon. But that worked out better for us than that poor dude in Flagstaff.

taufht the VFX course all day yesterday; great guests and really great, motivated students.

Today, Jack and I are kicking around LA all day. They are predicting record heat – 107, they say. Our hotel room downtown has no air conditioning.

We move in a week and I have no seminars on the schedule right now. I’m moving into that “writing” portion of things. That probably means I should write today.