#Weinergate: Where is George v. Reid?

Let’s talk a spell about someone we haven’t discussed in the #Weinerergate story for quite some time – Anthony Weiner.

You remember him, right? Used to be Congressman. Very liberal. Went to the gym a lot. This guy.


When this story first broke on Memorial Day weekend, Congressman Weiner claimed that his Twitter account was hacked. A lot of people – especially people on the political right – were very skeptical of this claim. In fact, many went so far as to actually make conjectures that Weiner had not, in fact, been hacked.

Do you remember one of the major reasons that people were so skeptical of the congressman’s claim that his Twitter account was hacked?

People didn’t believe Weiner because he didn’t call for an investigation into his Twitter account being taken over.

Remember that? Try to remember that suspicion you felt when you heard that the Congressman wasn’t investigating why someone had apparently taken over his Twitter account. Hold it in your mind for a moment; you’ll need it.

Flash forward to this week.

We have a woman in Boston named Jenny George who says that she was dragged into this strange Weinergate story by a very bizarre set of circumstances. It’s no exaggeration to say that her life has been turned upside down. She claimed to several people, including the Boston Police Department, that she has received multiple death threats. Some irresponsible journalists have even gone so far as to suggest she has a much greater involvement in this story she has admitted. (Okay, that last part is just me, really.) Even well-known conservative writer Dan Wolfe aka @PatriotUSA76 has sprung to Ms. George’s defense.

So what happened that plunged this poor innocent damsel into this Kafkaesque / Philip K. Dickian / Biz Stonian nightmare?

She’s claiming that her Twitter account was taken over. Hacked, if you will.

Now let me ask you to pull out that small bit of credulity that I ask you to set aside earlier; that credulity that you had when you learned that Anthony Weiner wasn’t launching an investigation. Can you spare a wee bit of that credulity for Ms. George’s story?

There’s actually however a reason to be much MORE credulous at Ms. George’s claims — we have a suspect. Nay, not just a person of interest in the dastardly crime of having taken over Ms. George’s Twitter account. We know for absolute fact who did it.

Nikki Reid is a person who took over Jenny George’s Twitter account.

So, why isn’t Ms. George defending her good name and asking questions of Nikki Reed’s father, John Reid…a man who has been answering questions at Patterico.com all week?

In fact, why isn’t she making angry accusations and calling in the police to find the person who took over for account and embroiled her in this entire saga. Where is the cyber finger-pointing at John Reid; a person who claims to be real, with a real daughter who really took over the Twitter account that Jenny George has told multiple people (myself included) that she started?

But this question isn’t really for Ms. George.

The question is for you.

Why is Ms. George being given a pass that Congressman Weiner was not?

@Weinergate: The Death Threat Black Hole

When a woman named Jenny G. contacted me on the phone, she told me that she’s gotten two death threats and that she had no idea what was going on. She repeated this claim to the Boston police in two forms; first, saying that I was the one who made the death threats and later telling a detective that it was one of my ‘followers’.

Here’s what she said when she called me; she claims to have been innocently living her life when out of the blue, two death threats came in to her answering machine. In a panic, she did some quick internet research, found me and then phoned me up. She said repeatedly that she had no idea what was going on and told me she wasn’t political at all and knew almost nothing about the “Weenie story’ except what she’d seen on shows like inside Edition and Access Hollywood.

I don’t believe there were any death threats. At all.

So – what are we left with? A giant hole in her story.

Don’t forget that Jenny claims to have no knowledge about the Weiner story. Even though she readily admits she started the @Starchild111 account, she claims to have no idea about the Nikki Reid sock puppet who was following at least three women connected to Anthony Weiner. She wasn’t following it online, she said. She didn’t have a Twitter account anymore, she said.

Is there any proof that Jenny G. is lying and that she was following the Weiner story closely?

There sure is – since there were no death threats, how did she find out that I’d mentioned her name?

Cue: Sound of a dog not barking.