A Question Chris Faraone Failed To Ask In His Nadia Naffe Article

Simple question. One of Andrew Breitbart’s last RTs on Twitter.


It’s interesting that Faraone didn’t mention Neal Rauhauser one time in this Boston Phoenix piece on Nadia Naffe; a very curious omission, indeed.

Nadia Naffe & Neal Rauhauser

Nadia Naffe & Neal Rauhauser


  • The article talks about Brett Kimberlin and Rauhauser is an associate of his, who helped him in court.
  • The article is about Nadia Naffe and her suit against Patterico and Neal Rauhauser is the one who set her up with her (now ex) attorney Jay Liederman.
  • The article discusses Andrew’s last night but doesn’t mention the tweets Andrew had with Rauhauser.

Did Faraone talk to Neal Ruahauser for the article?


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