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I’m Lee Stranahan and this is my main blog. I write about my life and things I’m interested in – music, technology, politics, art and stuff like that. Now I’ll give you a laundry list of things I do, in the hopes that maybe you’re interested in some of them, too.

I’m married to the love of my life, my wife Lauren. We have three kids living at home and we homeschool them. We’re secular unschooling homeschoolers who think the education system doesn’t work very well, especially when it comes to teaching creativity and other modern life skills.

I do film and video production. I produced and directed a bunch of stock footage for companies like Artbeats and Digital Juice and now I sell my own stock footage through my own site ImageryNow and as downloads from the great stock site Revostock.

I’m an award winning, published erotic photographer and I have a seperate site for that at Intimate Arts where you can see my work, buy prints, and keep up to date on my photography projects. I also sell prints through DeviantArt.

I love music and I’m a hobbyist musican. I have an internet radio station called Radio Stranahan that plays music I like.

Background Biography

Lee Stranahan was raised in East Longmeadow, a small town near Springfield in south central Massachusetts. His parents are Richard Stranahan, a professional golfer, and Bee Stranahan, an eccentric southern woman.

Writer Bio

Aside from starting Video Toaster User magazine, Lee was the Editor In Chief of Keyframe magazine. He’s written for a number of publications including Musician and Windows NT. He’s also the co-author of 1001 LightWave Tips And Tricks and his work as a photographer has also appeared in a number of books.

Video Producer Bio

Lee Stranahanis a pioneer in digital media who has over twenty-five years of experience in broadcast production, education and independent media.

Lee started working as a production assistant in 1979 at age 14 on the ground-breaking pre-MTV San Francisco TV show VideoWest. Among other projects there, Lee worked on director Joe Dea’s music video for Commander Cody’s Two Triple Cheese, Side Order Of Fries, a video which has screened at New York’s Musuem Of Modern Art. Lee made french fry houses and burger buildings and his mom brought his poodle over to be in the video. (That means that Lee’s dog is in the permanent collection of MOMA – how cool is that?)

In 1991, he became involved with the first ‘desktop video’ product, NewTek’s Video Toaster, a computer based production and post-production tool that combined effects, video paint, titling, 3D animation and more in an affordable box. He started a magazine and user’s group in Los Angeles that helped people learn how to use these new technologies. Members of the user group and contributors to the magazine included people who went on to prominent positions in the entertainment industry, including Emmy(r) award winning visual effects artists, film directors and independent producers.

Lee’s interest in cutting edge technology has led to a broad range of production experience over the years. He’s been a visual effects artist and supervisor for TV shows like Space: Above And Beyond and films for HBO and FOX. He’s produced and directed 35mm stock film footage for clients like ArtBeats and Digital Juice, in addition to owning his own stock footage company, Imagery Now. He’s produced and directed corporate video production for clients like Alesis, NewTek and Play, Inc. and has been a voice director for top talent like Penn Jillette, Don “King Of Movie Trailers” LaFontaine , Jim “The Other King Of Movie Trailers” Cummings, and Ken Nordine. Lee also wrote, produced and directed the 35mm feature film Breathing Room.

Lee currently lives in Burbank with his wife and children. He currently works as a staff graphic artist and animator on the nationally syndicated TV show Access Hollywood.

Teacher Bio
Lee Stranahan has taught tens of thousands of people around the world through his classes, seminars and instructional video tapes. His students have consistently called his classes the best educational experience they’ve ever had and praised his fun, informative teaching style.

Lee’s work as a teacher has taken him all over the world. Since 1992, he’s given hundreds of seminars on video production, computer animation and graphics in over fourty American states as well as in Canada, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. He’s also taught at schools such as The Maine Workshops, Video Symphony, and the DAVE School.

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