I’m Lee Stranahan; an American writer, filmmaker, journalist, photographer, multimedia artist and teacher.

This site is my personal stomping ground and gateway to my other sites, work, and projects.

As an investigative journalist, I’ve broken news on stories ranging from John Edwards to the George Zimmerman trial, from Occupy Wall Street to the Middle East.


I love talking to artists, writers and entrepreneurs who are living interesting lives of their own creation. I’ve interviewed people like best-selling author Seth Godin, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, filmmaker Kevin Smith, musicians Amanda Palmer and Ben Folds and many more.

Career highlights include…

    • Five years as a staff artist / animator at NBC Burbank for Access Hollywood
    • Produced YouTube videos with millions of views & featured on CNN, L.A. Times and more
    • Featured writer on a wide variety of topics at some of world’s more viewed websites including, The Huffington Post
  • Hosted dozens of instructional videos and have taught seminars to thousands, all over world
  • Produced and directed projects from 35mm feature film to corporate videos to stock footage
  • Visual Effects Supervisor and artist on TV and film projects

Email : Lee@Stranahan.com

Skype : Stranahan