I’m Lee Stranahan; an American writer, filmmaker, journalist, photographer, multimedia artist and teacher.

This site is my personal stomping ground and gateway to my other sites, work, and projects.

As an investigative journalist, I’ve broken news on stories ranging from John Edwards to the George Zimmerman trial, from Occupy Wall Street to the Middle East.


I love talking to artists, writers and entrepreneurs who are living interesting lives of their own creation. I’ve interviewed people like best-selling author Seth Godin, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, filmmaker Kevin Smith, musicians Amanda Palmer and Ben Folds and many more.

Career highlights include…

    • Five years as a staff artist / animator at NBC Burbank for Access Hollywood
    • Produced YouTube videos with millions of views & featured on CNN, L.A. Times and more
    • Featured writer on a wide variety of topics at some of world’s more viewed websites including, The Huffington Post
  • Hosted dozens of instructional videos and have taught seminars to thousands, all over world
  • Produced and directed projects from 35mm feature film to corporate videos to stock footage
  • Visual Effects Supervisor and artist on TV and film projects

Email : Lee@Stranahan.com

Skype : Stranahan


  1. Hi Lee

    I Just wanted to thank you for writing “an open letter to James Cameron” which as a visual FX artist in London I found such an astute and necessary article.

    I have been working in the top end of the VFX film industry for the past 10 years in Soho at companies such as “The Moving Picture Company, Double Negative, Framestore, Cinesite and The Mill” amongst others.

    Due to tax incentives introduced by the government in the UK the VFX industry has thrived and grown rapidly in the past decade. Whilst this is a positive thing, and the fledgling VFX industry has grown into a huge industry, the rights of the workers within it have been largely ignored. Points you raised in your article about the long-term welfare, both financially and physically have been of a growing concern to me.

    The industry in made up of about 80 percent contact artists such as myself. We work for these companies on long contracts often a year or longer with none of the security of a permanent job and none of the benefits of freelance work. Further to this there is a distinct lack of career progression available once you get to a senior level largely due to effemeral nature of the industry as a whole i.e. companies mushroom for big projects then shrink dramatically and shed everyone but the core staff.

    Anyhow I hope something positive will happen in the wake of your article even if it starts a discourse which paves the way for a permanent change and healthier, happier conditions for workers in this industry

    kind regards

  2. To Chris,
    We in the UK do have a union. It is called bectu and is actively working on all sorts of issues that effect us (I am also a VFX artist) and generally supporting workers and making sure hard won empolyment law is enforced.


    To Lee Stranahan,

    A very brave article to write, Many thanks for hightlighting this issue. I look forward to hearing the response from James Cameron’s camp.

  3. Hi Lee,

    My maiden name is Kathleen Stranahan. I wondered if we might be related. I was born in Owensboro, KY in 1954. My father was Benjamin James Stranahan—his people were from Indiana and Ohio but he was born in Owensboro. He died in 1970. I’ve admired your posts on Huffington Post, but never thought about trying to contact you until now. I admire your work and wanted to see if we’re kin. Thanks, Kathy

  4. keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  5. Hi Lee…

    Greetings from Bosnia. You are doing a great job. Today I found out about you and your blog. It is inspiring. And great job with that letter to Cameroon. 🙂

  6. Hi Lee,

    I am very impressed with what you do from what I see.

    I saw your video concerning the Pentax K-x.

    I am thinking about going into the world of photography shooting weddings. I am looking at the Pentax K-x. I am getting it primarily for the video recording however I want to be able to snap pictures when needed.

    In my research I came across your review of the camera. Did Pentax correct the major auto focus issue? Is this a good camera to start out with?

    Also, I am looking for a good but inexpensive video editing software. I downloaded the Corel Videostudio ProX software to try. The only draw back is that am not able to creat a menu like the Ulead video software has.

    What are your recommendations?

    Thanks for your time and expertise!!!

    Since my finances are low in getting started this would be a great starter camera.

  7. Hi, Mr. Stranahan
    Welcome to New Mexico. I hope you are enjoying your new home.
    My name is Rafael Gonzales and I am a visual artist/ painter living and working in the great village of Los Lunas. Spending at lease five days a week painting in my studio doesn’t give me alot of time for other things but I do make it a point to spend some time on researching. I know that mrketing one’s work is very important for an artist.
    I just ran across your website so I plan to follow you closly. I added your site to my favorates. I would like to extend to you an open invitation for a studio visit at your conveniance. My studio is located in Mondel Plaza in the center of Los Lunas NM, just 15 miles from Albuquerque.
    Please call me when you can and we’ll set aside a day to have lunch and visit.
    My cell 505 440-1623
    thanks, Rafael

  8. I like your piece on John Boehner posted at the Huffington POst.

    I am curious though. Have you seen this video on John Boehner’s family?


    Has anyone done an investigation on his mother’s side? I am from that area of Ohio. Many mixed race people fled the South in decades/centuries past and ended up in Ohio. At least one of Thomas Jefferson’s (suspected) children also settled their. It would be interesting to look into Boehner, because his mother and sister are obviously not of pure Euro ancestry. LOL

  9. What’s up Lee? So it looks like I know a famous guy in Dallas. Hope all is well for you . Sorry to hear about your dad. Really liked Uncle Rich and Aunt Bee. Just think, your cousin Audlena and I used to baby sit you and kenny. It’s truly amazing. Well, take care and maybe see you sometime in the future. Mike & Audlena

  10. Lee:

    Are you from East Longmeadow, MA?

    Cheers –

  11. RE: This is Tom Burrell, head of the Black Farmer Agricultural Association, Inc.:
    I understand and agree with your exposure of this fraud. But I am concerned about the listing of Tom Burrell as the head of the Black Farmer Agricultural Association, Inc.
    Reason,I went to that organizations website (http://www.bfaa-us.org/) and can not find MR. Burrell listed any where.
    Please review and advise where I can find information about Mr.Burrell.

  12. — On Thu, 12/23/10, J.R Ott wrote:

    From: J.R Ott
    Subject: Fw: Pigford Video

    Date: Thursday, December 23, 2010, 11:31 AM

    I had a very frank discussion with Claude Skelton USDA OGC ,he assured me if I sent the material below he would hand walk it down the hall to the “Badges” in the investigative section for a look see into the attorney in question/video.
    Perhaps if all your readers contact the state offices of USDA and demand action the pigford,(pardon the pun,) “will stink up the place enough to get the money frozen.
    Also called DC and a staff attorney called back assured me the complaint was noted, she then went into the boilerplate of not commenting on active,ongoing cases.

  13. Lee,
    I can’t begin to tell you how much I hope that at some point you begin to get recognition from MSM. I realize you may derive enough satisfaction knowing you’re fighting the good fight but the messages you spread (some of which I don’t like hearing btw….lol) are always on point and relevant. I don’t know how we go about growing our readership but we NEED you in 2012. I probably won’t agree with your pick for president but I will trust and respect your opinions. I can think of no bigger compliment for a journalist. Best of luck, Henry W. Correa

  14. Lee,

    I’ve stumbled across a few of your pieces in recent days, the $20 lie and the mainstream media’s refusal to cover the death threats in Wisconsin, and I’d like to applaud you on your commitment to pursuing truth (the facts) in journalism and not letting your own admitted political biases create some entertaining, alternative narrative. It has been refreshing to read someone who asks honest questions and is willing to subject himself merciless criticism for the sake of integrity in a field that seems to no longer have any. I wish you the best and look forward to reading more.


    Dan Berkland

  15. Lee,

    While I am a social liberal in many respects and a fiscal consevative who votes conversative I wanted to let you know I appreciate your honesty. I am two german immigrant’s son and have lived the American dream. We as a nation have lost sight of the golden prize. We all need to re-learn how to get along.



  16. Thank you, Lee, for taking on “Media Matters.” There are so few true jouralists around. You are one of the best !

  17. on the unemploymeant, your a d–k talk about job that will make u look more human, not an ass.

  18. I recently read your piece about the MSM ignoring the death threats in Wisconsin. Even though I am conservative, I appreciate good debate and honest dialogue. For me, the coverage of tea party rallies vs. the coverage of the WI protests brought to the forefront that the MSM has gone from biased news to partisan cheerleaders of the left. It was refreshing to read your piece pointing out the lack of coverage. I think we need more debate and we need more examples of those willing to challenge hypocrisy, even when it is in their favor. Thanks!

  19. Lee,

    I’ve followed your work since you joined The Bigs, and I appreciate your hard work in exposing the Pigford fraud. I’m not an insider on any of the blogs, but am a faithful reader and enjoy your work with Andrew.

    Don’t really know if you have a specific source in Georgia, but I have a suggestion if you are interested. Austin Scott is the new rep for GA-8 who replaced Jim Marshall. His districts are areas that are and have been big into farming. He is young and new to Congress, but his family would know someone in farming that could work with you in Georgia, specifically. Hint: Don’t mess with Sanford Bishop (GA-2) because he is part of the corruption and probably has worked for years on the side of the fraud.

    If Austin Scott is not able to help you, then I would suggest that you contact Jack Kingston (GA-1) and ask for his suggestion. He is a very nice guy and knowledgeable — in fact, I think he is the new head of the agricultural subcommittee (or something to that effect) in this session of Congress. He could surely put you in touch with someone who can honestly help you with Georgia farmers.

    Keep up the good work! I don’t have “authority” to comment on all the blogs (ID and password only works on some), but I always read your work on the big sites, and I always recommend your columns.

    If you have questions, you may contact me anytime. I’m happy to assist in any way I can, just don’t quite know exactly how I could help.

    Great to have your honest work. Your credibility with me is solid, and I’m always happy to see another blogger who is willing to report the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. My best wishes for your continued success.

    Terry W. Gilmour
    800 Altamaha Rd.
    Jesup, GA 31545
    (912) 385-2216 home
    (912) 617-2075 cell

  20. Hi Lee, Having previously seen your name mentioned on progressive sites I had you checked off as just another left wing hack, an assumption of course, like those made everyday by everyone no matter what side. Seeing you pop up on conservative sites I started visting your site and reading your entries and articles. I wish I had read some of your stuff sooner as I might have disagreed with it, but! It would have been a nice discussion without any animosity I believe. Being a conservative minded Democrat its tough seeing a ideology destroying what I will take as our party, The Democrat Party. I don’t work for the government, ex Military, ex-Union, working schlub who pays his own way. I can’t beleive that My party cannot profess to a belief in God, Pro United States of America and Swiftly ensure victory when attacked.
    The Media have willing participants in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people by manufacturing the empty suit in the White House. Then the progressive agenda was fully pressed assisted by almost all the media outlets and they have moved this nation into a dangerous place. I have hope that more such as yourself see this and sound the alarm.
    Even Andrew Sullivan appeared to sound sane here on mahers show
    God I hope more people see what is happening, and look forward to disscussing on your blog

  21. Lee, good to see you using kindle…reading is just so much easier there. We use it homeschooling here, to read together without sitting on top of one another! With so much available that is classic and free, we find it so useful.

    Branson’s book is one I shall have to get for my grandson. He sounds like what I have always understood an entrepreneur to actually be. My husband always said if you love what you are doing and feel good about it, it’s not work! When asked when he will retire, he says “From what?” Branson’s thinking is the type of thing we want our homeschooled grandkids to absorb, to internalize in such a way that they start the thinking process and forget about the “following” that is taught elsewhere. Thanks for this recommendation. I’ll get it soon.

    Oldest daughter is an animator in Hollywood…. loves her work. Your letter to Cameron was great!

  22. Lee,
    Consider how technology of the day contributed to the demise of the Soviet Union. Video cameras and fax machines moved information–and the truth–beyond the clutches of the Iron Curtain’s “ministers of information”. Similarly, by the 2000 election, the Internet, blogs, and talk radio had become ubiquitous fixtures of our daily lives. The MSM lost it’s stranglehold on information, yet they carry on as though it is still 1975; even as they are fed a narrative by the NYT and Media Matters.
    The truth is absolute, and people still care to search it out. I recall the MSM’s collective reluctance to call attention to the obvious during and after the Ft. Hood slaughter. I recall the MSM’s rush to pin the Tucson shootings on Sarah Palin and the Tea Party. The willfully ignorant and intellectually dishonest ate it up in both cases. For the rest of us, it merely reinforces the fact that MSM has squandered the public trust…and it will never recover from scuttling it’s fiduciary responsibility to be straight with us.
    Thank you for doing what you do. Like JerseyGeorge, I’ve recently discovered your work and appreciate your rigorous adherence to facts, and exposing propaganda methods like “piling on”, etc.
    I’m also interested in your perception of life in New Mexico. I’m a native from Silver City. For several years I’ve spent much time in ABQ as a result of becoming smitten with (and engaged to) a lovely Pueblo Indian woman who lives in the north valley. Of course we’re big fans of Breaking Bad, even though life in NM is not that dangerous unless you have a nose for trouble.
    I work and live in Boise, Idaho’s “east end” in the bluest of blue districts. I call it the “Eastern Bloc”. Not many of my friends share my center right world view–but we’re friends nontheless.
    Keep up the good work Lee. Perhaps we can share a cup of joe or a beer in the Land of Enchantment one day soon.

  23. Lee…………

    Correct me if I’m wrong. But those who voted yes or “Aye” in favor for King’s (IA) amendment are ultimately against funding Pigford, not for funding Pigford.

    I openly concede I do not like Alan West, but his “Aye” vote, as aligned with the King Amendment indicates he and all other “Aye” votes was against further funding of Pigford.

    Where am I wrong on this?

    You claim the opposite.

    So Lee, who is right?

  24. Correction…………… I see that West went with a no vote. I stand corrected.

  25. Yo Lee, Amazing the legs this story has. I am amazed at the level of research going into this. I want to congratulate AZ5thdistrict but I am sure they would not want to hear it. Who is Dan Wolfe? Have a good one

  26. Weiner is in the ditch with the Seal although he will soon be dragged out, brushed down and re-marketed as the man who learned from his mistakes. A fellow sexual deviant (Weiner’s fsd, not mine) said “It’s the economy, stupid”. That was never more true than today and the people need to be told about the dire state of the US economy, and the problem that poses to the world economy, and the President’s intellectual prowess, and the problem that poses to the 57 states (or 58 states, I’m not sure but I’m from the UK so I don’t need to know).
    If you can no longer speak through Patterico, you can speak for yourself and for you compatriots on what must be the burning issue of the next 2 years plus.
    I wish you well.

  27. What do you do for a living, exactly? The avocations you describe don’t actually pay any money, so I’m just wondering.

    Feel free to be honest and candid.

  28. Apparently, they do…

  29. There is another ACORN related entity which is actively advertising for protesters and paying participants and that is Working Families. This splinter political party was founded by ACORN and the labor unions so they can use the “fusion” political election process to swing elections their way.

    ACORN affiliates seem to have a lot of money (or is that George Soros’ money) to throw around for OWS.

  30. When will the “Pigford Blues” movie be out? I love to get a copy for my Tea Party group.

  31. The Pigford story is ongoing — judge just approved the Pigford II settlement. Packets haven’t gone out for Love and Garcia.

    Hopefully summer 2012 but could be months off in either direction.

  32. i tried posting this comment to your article about the anarchist TV show with cursing, etc. but the forum wasn’t letting me post so here:

    i dont know much about your blog, but this submedia show is awesome. i’ve contributed to it on several occasions. it’s really kinda insulting, ya know, that the “right wing” won’t actually talk about anarchists as real people, and not lump us with eurocommunists or cuban-style socialists. as much as you all think that we couldn’t possibly NOT be eurocommunists, we really REALLY aren’t. We are what we say we are.

    the problem is just that. the media is totally ignorant about what anarchists are anyway, even when we say it, even when subMedia says it. Probably even that Im saying it. Anarchists are not in mainstream political discourse unless you’re talking about provocateurs. The problem for the rightwing is that generally the majority of conservatives don’t watch anything but FOX, i mean SERIOUSLY you know how true that is and i do too, and they keep retelling the lie that anarchists who you see rioting are not even “real.” This is popular with libertarians as well. But at the root of this is that people don’t know anything about anarchy, they think it’s nonsense because the media says so, so they dont think anarchists are real. it’s cultural – at least in europe people know that anarchists are actually “real” – because they learn about Franco’s fascism, or in Greece because of the dictatorships anarchists faught against, and in Italy, Germany, and France from the Situationists. And Argentina, Chile, Mexico, China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the UK, we are everywhere, but we dont have a “global” AGENDA or whatever you guys think! we do like communicating with other anarchists, obviously! — all these places have REAL anarchists are doing what real anarchists do. So the problem is a lack of cultural education. And also because anarchists generally don’t really care that much to “prove” to others the typical sot of political positions mainstream people take. The point I’m making is that the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge anarchists are anything but “provocateurs.” (Not all — Businessweek recently ran an article this week about David Graeber, but he’s also an academic) And liberals easily buy into the (A)=provocateur myth as well, because if anarchists are just “provocateurs” then they don’t have to acknowledge that they are “real people” either. maybe we’re aliens or something eh? Even though we have public websites, our own medias, and we are … everywhere yes. Also, there is no “REAL” agenda or hidden agenda with anarchists. Mostly everything you want to know about the ideas of anarchism are online. That’s how WE communicate to people, just like YOU do with this website. And just I am with this comment.

    Do some internet searching for fuck’s sake. We read things like they have at AKpress.org. Libcom.org is one of a few news website. etc. SO I MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU!

  33. Thanks for the Ben & Jerry article. I protest with my money and have never purchased B & J because of their politics.

  34. Sir,
    I would like to know whether the POD STUDIO KB37 needs another audio interface to connect it to the PC? I am a rookie in these tech stuff…. so if you feel the question is lame….. my apologies!!

    Sameer Parab

  35. Happy New Year

  36. I read your article on Big Government RE: Holder Math. I tried to register in order to post a comment, but I couldn’t get access to the registration page. The funny thing that the Justice Department is not focusing on is that more SC Whites do not have ID as compared to non-whites. According to the 2010 census, SC has a population of 4,625,364 – 66.2% white and 33.8% non-white. If 8.4% of Whites do not have an ID, that results in 257,057 whites being affected. If 10% of non-whites do not have an ID, that results in 156,337 non-whites being affected. So using Justice Department math, 65% more Whites will be affected by the law. Gotta love statistics!

  37. Holder Math Part 2: DOJ Lays Trap to Misrepresent South Carolina Voter Data

    Excellent work on this story, as well as Pigford!! Great Job!!

  38. Lee, I attended a Santorum rally Monday night in Manchester and noticed the Occupy and Paul protesters were acting in tandem, though when I confused one side for another they insisted they were not together. Yet they chanted the same chant of “bigot”, disrupted the rally in a coordinated effort by using megaphones at the windows of the building, and rushed the cameras when Santorum emerged to block any coverage of him. I couldn’t enter the builling till I was invited by campaign workers who saw I was surrounded by hostile protesters. They told me that they observed occupy folks arriving with Paul supporters on the Ron Paul bus.
    Jen Brien at WRKO in Boston suspects this. Tell her she is onto something.
    Acorn went underground and created Occupy just in time for it to build to a frenzy in time for the GOP primaries. Occupy infiltrates the Paul camp, swelling the numbers. Even Paul looks suprised at how much support he’s getting. Accident?



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