An Interesting Short Story

Note: I thought I’d take a little break from reporting and write some fiction. The following is a work of fiction and any similarity to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Once upon a time, there was a guy named Billy. He lived in South Dakota. Billy was tall and came from a poor family. He loved to play badminton, too.

Billy had a dark side, though.

Billy was engaged a lucrative criminal enterprise that brought in huge amounts of money. He had to do something with all that money so he put it into a bank account that was hard to trace. He went to prison and when he got out, he needed a way to get that money back where he could access it. So Billy set up a whole bunch of websites that accepted donations and used those to launder his money.

But not everything about Billy was dark, of course.  Billy owed a parakeet. He liked to eat those smoked oysters that came in a can. He was a big Red Sox fan, too.

The End


  1. *snork* An interesting (and satirical) post. I’m eagerly awaiting the film adaptation starring Andy Dick.

  2. This is totally implausible. What a load of fabulism. Billy couldn’t possibly be a Red Sod fan. But the money laundering thing is interesting.

  3. There is even an additional mechanism and that is to donate the money to Tides Foundation but “earmark” your donations to the desired targets. That way, the target group shows only a donation from Tides and Tides shows a donation from the originating account but doesn’t show how it was earmarked. So that creates another level of indirection.


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