Announcing: The Dental Fund

I have a really awful mouth.

If you’ve never met me in real life, I’m being serious here. If you have, you know. Huge dental problems. Tons of missing teeth. I started to have work done a few years ago but I lost my dental insurance halfway through the process so they did the extractions and not much else, leaving me with a mouth full of nothing but shame.

There are lots of things that are borderline acceptable in American society but missing teeth ain’t one of ‘em. You can be bald and look cool. You can be fat and presentable. Missing teeth make you a hillbilly or a hockey player or a hillbilly hockey player.

Fixing my teeth hasn’t been a financial priority because other stuff always seemed to be more important than me looking socially acceptable. Feeding and clothing my children, for example. However, I’m at a point where I feel like my inability to smile openly is holding me back – so I’m starting a specific dental fund; money that’s going to finishing extractions and getting dentures or something.

There are two ways you can help…

1) Just give money out of the goodness of your heart. I don’t expect anyone to do this, really. No hard feelings if I don’t raise a dime this way.

2) The REAL thing you can do is hire me or buy something from me. You name the price and you just donate it straight to the dental fund using the PayPal button below. Again – you name the price because it’s a donation.

What can I do for you?

For starters — consulting about filmmaking, online business stuff, visual effects, or blogging. I could write something. I could set up a WordPress blog for you – and host it. I could produce a video or create an animated logo. I sell stock footage. I have courses on filmmaking that I do. And so on – that’s a starter list and I’ll be dropping other suggestions as I pimp the Dental Fund over the next few weeks.

Here’s the donate button. Again; you name the price. Toothless beggars can’t be choosers. Send some money and tell me what you want.


  1. Bummer about the teeth, I feel for ya. Both my hubby and I are missing a chewing molar and can’t afford new ones. We both just hate it too. I have always thought dental and mental health SHOULD BE ON EXACT PAR AS HEALTH. Just my two cents. Insanity that they’re not considered “health” or “real” health issues/problems. I know of someone who died from a tooth infection that spread. They are all exactly the same and should be treated that way at every level. They are ALL, “HEALTH” ….PERIOD.

    (I can’t do italics, thus the caps. I’m not really yelling, just emphasizing.)

    Good luck!

  2. Do you not see the irony in posting this on the same page as your article titled “The Shifting SOB STORIES (emphasis mine) of Dr. John Welsey Boyd”??

    It’s a shame, because I honestly think you have great taste in music.

  3. It’s a shame I’m advertising to get work? Don’t be a hater. Really, don’t.

    It’s not even an original idea — font designer Chank ( htttp:// ) offered a Dental Pack years ago.

  4. All the best, raising money seems to quite a hard thing to do. You’ld think that everyone can afford $10 and at least a few a $100. but alas

  5. Again — I am really hoping for some TRADE her e — consulting, video production, writing, whatever..

  6. Not a balla or anything, but just sent 15.00. Best of luck on the rest.

  7. Dave, you are a libertarian and you have this on your twitter? I’m amazed. I am a liberal democrat, and I applaud you. See, we’re not so far apart, are we? I’m an old lady, too, and if you ever change your mind and want to become a liberal democrat, I will be willing to talk to you, my friend. As a matter of fact, I only read your tweets on Frumforum because they are the only tweets worth reading (who is that mickeykraus dude, he is totally paranoid, and I don’t mean that in a bad way.) So, there you go. Enough said. Bless you and yours (kinda funny, because I am not a “believer.”)

  8. Reason and judgment would be the qualities of a leader.
    There are 2 sorts of companies, those that work to try to charge many the ones that work to charge less. We’ll be the second.



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