Another Tiny House Video

A minor obsession of mine.

But 300 plus feet? Total luxury for some. Here’s Collin & Joanna — a couple living in less than 200 square. Check out their blog, too.

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  1. While I find these houses interesting; I find the people who are pushing the “movement” to be sadly loony.

    Here’s what I mean. Almost everyone, other than me, who is interested in building one of these is an enviro-extremist. The guy that started this “movement” … sorta … claims that “tiny homes” will ‘save the earth.’ Oh he also claims they are easy to move, and you can travel in them. Yea, promote oil usage while blasting waste at the same time. Must be nice to be a liberal.

    No doubt some are saying: “well sure, less home, less resources …yadda yadda” My question to those people is this: if the planet is running out of room for people, then why would you house them in SINGLE STORY homes?

    It’s NOT efficient by any stretch. Where will the water come from? Electricity? (what no Apple products? FFS, please) Waste disposal? Effluence? Food? None of these issues are addressed by the people who push “tiny homes.” They seem to think they will magically right themselves. (And they whine like stuck pigs when we say the economy finds equilibrium)

    The hypocrisy is bad enough; but the ignorance of this feel-goodism is astounding.


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