At The Office


I’m typing this from new brand new office – namely, whatever Starbucks I happen to be at.

Some people love to hate on Starbucks, but not me. The beverages can be expensive but a latte at Starbucks only costs a few cents more than a latte at McDonald’s and it’s got the advantage of not sucking. And Starbucks givers you whatever size water you ask for free, without an eye roll – I order Venti nonfat decaf ice waters all the time.

And they have free Wifi. You need a Starbucks card and to spend 5 minutes going to their website and filling out a form but once you do, you get a free 2 hour session every day. The Starbucks card is just something you ‘recharge’ by adding money, which you then spend at Starbucks. I’m fine with that.

My new morning habit for the past month has been hitting the local Starbucks at about 5:30am or so and using my two hour session first thing in the morning to get some writing out of the way. I get a breakfast sandwich, usually the sausage muffin one with no egg, which is sort of like an Egg McMuffin which much better cheese. I clear my inbox, scan HuffPost for news, and then write a blog post or script or something. I Twitter periodically.

I leave a couple of hours later with a latte for Lauren and secure in the knowledge that I’ve started the day right by getting something done right away.

This morning, I am doing a video interview with Judge Jim Gray in Orange County and it’s about a fifty mile drive. I got up early, picked up my son Shane and headed down to early to avoid traffic…secure in the knowledge that I’d find a Starbucks to hang out at for a couple of hours. And so here I am.

When I get to Albuquerque in a week, I’ll be using my office with the picture of the spread eagled mermaid as a place to write, eat and take meetings with people.  Maybe I’ll see you there…

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