Beating A Dead Horse: The Romney “$77,000 Tax Deduction” Lie

My newest piece at is up. Here’s the lede:

One of the hottest attack memes on Mitt Romney is the allegation that he received $77,000 tax break on his ‘pet dancing horse.’ The story isn’t true — even the liberals who started the myth now admit that — but how this falsehood was hatched, grew and spread is an object lesson in the deception that the left will be gleefully engaging in from now until election day.

I demolish this horse-puckey. I first noticed it because I’m seeing stuff like this all over Facebook:

Here’s what I have learned : more often than not, when you see a meme like this going viral from the left, research it yourself because it probably isn’t true.

I also mention this video in the article but I want to highlight because of how totally contemptible it is : Lawrence O’Donnell actually attacks the Romneys because Mitt says that Ann Romney and her love of horses helped her battle with MS.

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  1. Looks like Romney got “swift-boated!” Where was and is this cry concerning both John Kerry in 2004 and President Obama from 2008 until now? Don’t cherry-pick your targets because of your own bias. This is disgusting from both sides. On a side-note dressing up animals is itself ridiculous.

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