Beck Supporter Proves Glenn Beck’s Repeated Lies

As I pointed out in my original piece, Glenn Beck made a series of self-aggrandizing lies about his participation in the Shirley Sherrod story. I thought my article made this point abundantly clear though Beck’s own words and a clear timeline but I didn’t count on the fierce resistance to facts that would be demonstrated by some of Beck’s diehard supporters.

Those supporters brought to my attention something I was not aware of – a ‘4th Hour’ of the show that’s apparently not broadcast except over the internet. One of them was kind enough to post it, in an attempt to clear this name.

Far from exonerating Beck, however, the ‘4th Hour’ drives the stake in even deeper and proves conclusively my original article’s contention that Beck has made intentional misstatements of fact about the Sherrod story to the general public and his fans.

On at least two separate occasions, Glenn Beck takes sole personal credit for having realized something was wrong with the story “in his office.” He tells Bill O’Reilly that he knew this immediately…

Beck: I sat in my office and said “Something’s not right with this.”

Bill : Oh, really? Right from the jump?

Beck : Right from the jump. Something’s not right with this.

He tells a crowd of 1000 in Kansas City that he said to his entire team…

I stood in my office with my entire team, and I said, “something’s wrong, don’t do this story.”That’s what saved me: the Sword of the Spirit.

Here’s what the 4th Hour audio proves.

Beck’s Sidekicks, Not Beck, Discovered ‘Something Wrong’ From CNN, not God

The 4th Hour makes it clear that Beck’s sidekicks are the ones who realized ‘something was wrong’ – not Beck himself. They are listening to CNN reports and make real time comments as the story unfolds publicly.

The reason they realized that ‘something was wrong’ wasn’t because Glenn Beck told them. It wasn’t because God told them. It was because they watched CNN.

They are discussing public knowledge. Everyone suspected there was ‘something wrong’ at that point.

This totally refutes Glenn Beck’s claim of standing in his office and telling ‘his entire team’ not to do the story right ‘from the jump.’ It means that his claims that he realized though paranoia, intuition or divine whispers in his ears that something was wrong with the Sherrod story are deliberate falsehoods.

Beck Later Repeats Claims By His Sidekicks

The sidekicks in the 4th Hour make a number of statements that wend their way into Beck’s later statements on TV. They say Sherrod seems nice and they also say explicitly that Beck should go on TV and say Sherrod should get her job back, which he did.

This demolishes Beck’s claim of standing in his office and telling ‘his entire team’ not to do the story. In fact, it’s pretty clear that Beck’s team actually told him what to say.

So when Glenn Beck repeatedly took sole personal credit for being the person who figured out the ‘truth’ about the Sherrod story first, it’s a proven falsehood.


  1. Lee,

    One of the quotes from Beck you said was “totally false” was the following: “Shirley Sherrod, is the next example. We didn’t rush to condemn her. This is another seemingly “redistribution of wealth” woman — who I would bet that I vehemently disagree with on probably everything. But she asked for the rest of the tape to be heard, the farmers in the story backed her up. It was a turning point story. We defended her and said her side of the story demanded to be heard — because context matters.”

    You then claimed that, “At no point during Beck’s radio show does he do anything that could possibly be construed as defending Shirley Sherrod. Nor does he say anything about waiting to hear her side or waiting to see if more of the video will be released. In fact, at the end of the show Beck taunts Sherrod and says she will be the focus of his TV show that night.”

    However, the “4th hour” clips clearly show that the radio program *did* defend Sherrod and *did* say they wanted to hear her side of the story. Now you can say that Beck himself didn’t say this, but his original quote used the term “we” not “I.”

    So if you’re so hung up on the truth and on “lying”, then why don’t you apologize for falsely implying that Beck was lying in the above comment?

  2. How many statements from Beck taking personal credit are you going to ignore?

    You’re doing a Clintonian parsing, debating the meaning of ‘we’…it’s pathetic. Seriously, it is.

  3. So why did Beck ignore Pigford?

    Why did Beck ignore Sherrod’s involvement with Pigford?

    Especially when Beck knew about Pigford and Sherrod’s involvement with Pigford before Mr. Breitbart knew about Pigford.

    Social Justice, fraud perpetrated upon the the US taxpayers, redistribution of money, crooked lawyers, “attempted farmers”, Obama introduced the original Pigford II legislation, legitimate black farmers claimants getting the shaft, vote primaries in SC…all common themes in the Pigford story that are right up Beck’s alley of coverage and linking the players on his little blackboard.

    Beck knew about Pigford on July 19, 2009. 7:08 PM Central time to be exact. Actually, he knew before that, too.

    July 21, 2010 4:26 PM, Central time, Beck researcher knew about about Sherrod and Pigford.
    Full story on Sherrod-Beck staff got the background–as it was sent to his researcher at that time.

    July 25, 2010 7:52 PM, Central Time, Charles Sherrod’s video rantings at that University speech were sent to other Beck researchers by way of a Beck Staff member. Complete with a condensed transcript to accompany the full video. Follow up research sent into 26th.

    And numerous e-mails asking why Pigford was being ignored were sent to Beck researcher and Beck’s Chief of Staff.

    …crickets chirping…..why did Beck never cover that information about Pigford?

    Why did Beck ignore the Pigford angle on the Sherrod story?

    Pigford tips were sent to Beck since August of 2009..must be it wasn’t important.

    The Black Farmers groups made a debut on the infamous Beck blackboard on TV sometime in late 2009/early 2010. Not sure of the exact dates on the Black farmer group coverage, as I did not “DVR” it.

    If we do not put principles before personalities, our country is lost.

    First and foremost in principles is that little thing called honesty.

    Mr. Beck has not been honest in this matter. I know this.

    I understand that all personalities are fallible and imperfect, that is why there are those silly things called apologies.

    Apologies are not so bad, it only smarts the ego for a few moments, then it is over and done with. The sun comes up and it’s a new day.

    Or one can perpetuate a lie.

    There are several things that I have noticed with Beck. I feel I can speak to these things as I have defended and supported the man on numerous occasions in the past.

    The plagiarism of other peoples work without attribution. If it had been anyone else in the field of journalism, they would have been seriously taken to task. But because people were happy to see the information get out and most people in the conservative cause are ideology driven, people looked the other way. these people are not motivated by money, but a sincere desire to see our country restored to it’s Constitutional principles. But when people spend 100s of hours putting together research and working hard to get the truth out-a hattip is not too much to ask for. And a hattip is a good thing as it drives more traffic to the blogger who did all of that hard work. This is a positive thing , as then people have more websites and varied stories to get their information form. I have seen Mr. Beck take stories that are copyrighted and not attribute.

    Beck always says people should educate themselves. So why not attribute the people who put in 100s of hours of research for free? Why claim credit for those stories that someone else put in the time and effort to complete?

    And the Pigford thing…Beck had that in August of 2009 in the general tip e-mail box.
    Okay, so completely understand that it could have been missed, but it wasn’t as beck had the Black Farmers group on his Blackboard on TV later.

    So given the fact that the aforementioned Pigford research was not sent to Beck general tip box, but it was sent directly to Beck’s researcher on July 19th, 2010,why did Beck ignore the Pigford angle to the Sherrod story, as they had the full scoop on that one on July 21st?

    I love capitalism, it’s a good thing. But I doubt Ayn Rand ever promoted screwing over the competition through acts of dishonesty to further your business.

    Rand must roll over in her grave, every time Beck mentions her.

    It is good that he does give Rand credit to her quotes.

    The purposeful damage that Beck and his underlings have done in a transparent bid to disclaim BIG websites, is reprehensible. To lie and distort the truth to promote the Blaze, instead of the Conservative and tea party cause, while proporting to be concerned about the state of the country, that is reprehensible.

    Of note, often people are angry at those they have wronged. That anger is guilt.

    The dishonesty that Beck displayed behind the scenes while setting up his Blaze site.
    I can see why he would not talk to Mr. Breitbart as eye contact would be difficult for anyone except a sociopath.

    So before the current passionate supporters of Beck start throwing stones at a man who does have integrity and does honestly look at the facts in an unbiased fashion, like Mr Stranahan , maybe those passionate supporters of beck should take their leader at his his word and honestly do their own investigation of the factual evidence.

    And remember, it is best not to put personalities before principles.

    Mr. Breitbart has attempted to rectify this situation in private. Mr Beck has refused to accommodate.

    So now, the truth must be shown the sunlight. This affects the veracity of all contributors on BIG websites. The story must be told–or if it is left to linger–it will be more damaging in the future.

    We must self police and hold ourselves to the standard of honesty and integrity.

    Beck knew about Pigford and Sherrod before Mr Breitbart did….nothing like burying a good story -heh?

    To allow this bad behavior to continue and turn a blind eye is like enabling an alcoholic–and I refuse to do that.

    I believe in tough love. Honest tough love.

    Mr. Stranahan, I do not agree with you on all issues BUT I appreciate your honesty, it is most refreshing.


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