Bill Schmalfeldt Boldly Predicted Threats Against Him By My “Moron Followers”

That’s you. Knuckle dragging morons, to be precise.

Bill Schmalfeldt has been predicting for days that my pointing out things he’s currently saying about me and family would create an atmosphere of hate.  It’s my obviously my fault that he said this or this or this. And sure enough; his predictions came true as he’s gotten two mysterious threats that he is blaming on…me.

This is more harassment from Bill Schmalfeldt; a game of accuse the accuser. I had nothing to do with any threats. I have pending criminal charges and Bill Schmalfeldt had admitted to the core elements of it and is pinning his hopes on a bizarre and inaccurate view of the law. I have no reason to do anything except bind my time as the wheels of justice turn.

But don’t take my word for it, my moronic followers. Knuckle drag yourself close to the screen and behold Bill Schmalfeldt’s prognostication…

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  1. It’s almost as if he planned out the whole thing…hmmm.

  2. I don’t think Liberal Grouch created his own threats…

    He had someone else create the accounts and send the threats.

  3. what a whiner.

  4. So it’s obvious the dude is unstable, but man I just can’t fathom all this crap. Even reading back to when it began and trying to find some sort of reasoning I can only come to a conclusion relating to a lack of sanity.

  5. He’s still tweeting you directly? What a maroon!


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