Bill Schmalfeldt & Brett Kimberlin

Many people have asked me one basic question about the months of harassment that my family has suffered at the hands of Bill Schmalfeldt : why? 

I believe that a major part of Bill Schmalfeldt’s motivation for attacking me–among others who he has attacked–has to do with a man named Brett Kimberlin.

If you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating.—
Bill Schmalfeldt  (@LiberalGrouch) November 30, 2012

If you aren’t familiar with Brett Kimberlin at all, here’s a short video I made giving you some background on who he is. Here’s a Wikipedia entry that explain some, too.

As I said; I made that video. I also came up with the idea for something called Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day, which happened on May 25th, 2012.

It was just a couple of weeks after that that Bill Schmalfeldt began his months of harassment of my family. Here is Bill Schmalfeldt describing it in his own words on a recent podcast how and when he became interested in me; you can tell from just the title of the first story he wrote that his goal was to smear me and trash my reputation.


Bill Schmalfeldt has expressly denied any association with Brett Kimberlin. Back in December, I wrote a post about What Is Team Kimberlin? that described a group of people who defend Kimberlin and seem to have a common set of enemies, including me.  Bill Schmalfeldt was on that list and demanded in an unpublished comment to be removed.



There we have Bill Schmalfeldt saying he has ‘nothing to do with Brett Kimberlin.’

But just a a couple of days earlier he’d tweeted what I quoted at the top of this post:

If you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating.—
Bill Schmalfeldt  (@LiberalGrouch) November 30, 2012

And on the same, he wrote a post entitled A Serious Question For For The Haters that was an obvious attempt to get the people who had exposed Brett Kimberlin–and were subsequently harassed for it– to just shut up

Aaron Walker? Ali Akbar? Lee Stranahan? R. Stacy McCain? Patrick Frey? Mandy Nagy? W.J.J. Hoge? If I’ve left anyone out, my apologies.

I propose to ask a serious question. I would be honored if you would treat this question seriously and give me a considered, non-insulting answer.

What crime has Brett Kimberlin committed since his parole that justifies the level of harassment he has faced and continues to face from you?

Well, there’s certainly an obvious answer for that question; Brett Kimberlin is a vindictive, remorseless criminal who has spent significant time & effort seeking revenge on people for the crime of telling the truth about Brett Kimberlin. 

I believe it’s clear that Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt have the same enemies list, the same tactics and are connected to the same people, such as Neal Rauhauser. These connections are as clear as day but you begin to see where Schmalfeldt becomes an apparent ghost writer for Kimberlin in an article Bill Schmalfeldt wrote about one of Kimberlin’s victims, Carl Delong.

A few days before that on November 26, Bill Schmalfeldt had written a post on BreitbartUnmasked that defended Brett Kimberlin entitled Carl DeLong — the Breitbot’s New Mary Jo Kopechne.

delongBefore I quote from the article, you need to understand who Carl DeLong was and why an article mentioning him is important. DeLong was the man injured by one of Brett Kimberlin’s bombs, who later took his own life.

Brett Kimberlin has never shown one ounce of remorse for his crimes or for Carl Delong. In fact, when DeLong’s widow won a civil judgment from Kimberlin, Brett did everything he could to avoid paying it.

Imagine the years of hell that Kimberlin put DeLong’s widow through, fighting her every step up of the way.

[list style=”time”]

  • Brett Kimberlin’s bombing that blew off DeLong’s leg was in 1978.
  • Carl DeLong committed suicide in 1983 and a judgment was granted later that year.
  • Kimberlin fought paying Carl DeLong’s window in court and in 1994, the judgment was reinstated with the court saying it “was within the scope of harm intended by Kimberlin’s intentional criminal conduct.
  • As far as I know, Brett Kimberlin has never paid this judgment.


Do not take my word for this. I am not going to link to a secondary source here: this is the summary from the hearing where they revoked Kimberlin’s parole for doing all sorts of different financial shenanigans, for one reason; to avoid paying Carl DeLong’s widow the money he owed her for his responsibility in her husband’s suicide.

[pullquote align=”right”]…he threatened to go into bankruptcy if enforcement of the judgment was to occur…[/pullquote]

Despite a healthy income, petitioner continued to resist paying the DeLong judgment, which had been reinstated on June 13, 1994. In a July 12, 1994 letter to Probation Officer Koehler, he threatened to go into bankruptcy if enforcement of the judgment was to occur, and claimed that he was personally judgment-proof, with his assets and income protected under “corporate veil.” (See Paper No. 12, Exhibit E and Exhibits I and J). Petitioner then proceeded with further unsuccessful appellate litigation attempting to set aside the judgment.[15] Following the Supreme Court’s denial of certiorari, petitioner continued to ignore the outstanding judgment. On May 16, 1996 he submitted a mortgage loan application denying that he had any “outstanding judgments” against him.[16] A $308,000 mortgage loan was approved for the purchase of a house in Bethesda, Maryland.[17]


[pullquote align=”right”]…at no time did petitioner “indicate any concern or empathy for the victim.”[/pullquote]

 The examiner found that petitioner used “deceitful maneuvers to hide his ability to pay” and that his “relatives and friends are obviously acting to help him by filing claims and liens to protect his money and property from being available to satisfy the victim’s judgment.” The examiner further found that the “evidence against [petitioner] was provided by the subject himself,” and that at no time did petitioner “indicate any concern or empathy for the victim.” Finally, the examiner found that petitioner’s settlement offers were not undertaken in good faith; concluded that petitioner had resisted parole supervision by Officer Ramsburg “in every way he can,” and recommended revocation of parole with a presumptive parole date of two years. Id.,Exhibit W at 11-14 and Exhibit V at 15. Petitioner was taken into custody at the conclusion of the hearing.

Brett Kimberlin bears a decades long grudge against Carl DeLong and his widow.

Now; look at how Bill Schmalfeldt–the man who has ‘nothing to do with Brett Kimberlin–wrote about Carl DeLong and Kimberlin (emphasis added):

Brett Kimberlin had never met Carl Delong.  He was convicted for a series of bombings in Speedway, Indiana in the 1970s, along with other crimes, and went to prison.

He has since been paroled and works for social justice with an organization called the Justice Through Music Project.  And he can never, never, NEVER be forgiven for killing a man that he did not kill.

Bill Schmalfeldt points out the irrelevant fact that Kimberlin never met DeLong, as if that is somehow better. Then he claims that Kimberlin didn’t kill DeLong. True; he was just found by a court to have caused his death. Bill Schmalfeldt goes on to literally mock anyone who cares about DeLong’s death or Kimberlin’s complete lack of remorse over it:

Never mind that most of the people who hate Kimberlin with a white-hot passion would never recognize Carl DeLong if they were alone in an elevator with him. They would be able to tell you NOTHING about the man, save for the oft-repeated “he was a Vietnam vet” as if that meant something to a generation of right wingers who avoided military service like dogs avoid stepping in their own poop.

Towards the bottom of the article, Bill Schmalfeldt–who is defending a serial bomber who had his parole revoked for his refusal to pay a judgment to the widow, mind you–attacks his real targets; the people like me who helped expose Brett Kimberlin. Again, emphasis added.

In fact, on a smaller scale, Kimberlin has been a cash cow for these Breitbart remnants like Kennedy was for the Republican party.  If you do a search for ALL the names, Brett Kimberlin, R. Stacy McCain, Patrick Frey or Patterico, Mandy Nagy, Aaron Worthing, Lee Stranahan and Ali Akbar… put all those names in quotes in a Google search bar.

1,320 hits. 1,320 web sites where McCain and Frey and Nagy and Worthing and Akbar and Stranahan are in fear of their lives and asking readers to send them money. For God’s sake, only YOUR DONATIONS will allow them to stay alive long enough to continue the fight against this monster who has hurt no one, damaged no property, and has lived a blameless life since his parole in 2001.

Got that? Bill Schmalfeldt claims on November 26th that convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin “hurt no one, damaged no property” and then a couple of days later, claims he has ‘no connection’ to Brett Kimberlin and then a couple of days after that tweeted that if “you morons would just forget #brettkimberlin even exists and go about your lives, you would be happier and no one would be investigating.”

However, this wasn’t the first time Bill Schmalfeldt has written about Brett Kimberlin, the man he claims no connection to.

A few months ago, Bill Schmalfeldt was named the Editor of the website, which by my count has done around 90 stories that mention Kimberlin, many of them written by Bill Schmalfeldt himself. In fact, this theme of defending Kimberlin is the spine of the BreitbartUnmasked website; a constant theme that runs throughout it.

But Bill Schmalfeldt claims to have no connection with Brett Kimberlin.

In July 2012–about a month after he began attacking me and others–Bill Schmalfeldt wrote an article for The Examiner under the pen name “Bill Matthews” that mentioned and defended Brett Kimberlin.

bill matthews

The article is entitled Free speech conservatives shut down Twitter account they don’t like and it starts:

If you are one of the dozen or so folks who has been following the Brett Kimberlin/Aaron Walker saga, you know the whole kerfuffle blew up because right wing blogger Walker demanded the right to write inflammatory articles about Kimberlin, the man convicted in the “Speedway Bombings” in the 1970s who since his release from prison has been involved in left wing activism that right wingers do not like.

Why did Bill Schmalfeldt write the article under the name “Bill Matthews”? Because the Twitter that was shut down belonged to…you guessed it…Bill Schmalfeldt.

But Bill Schmalfeldt claims to have no connection with Brett Kimberlin.

How does Bill Schmalfeldt explain all this, then? The article defending Kimberlin that uses the exact same arguments? The targets of Bill Schmalfeldt’s harassment being the same small group of people who have written about Brett Kimberlin? The plain statements, flatly asserted, that that group would all be better off if they stopped writing about Brett Kimberlin?

Simple: Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t explain.

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