Bill Schmalfeldt Continues To Insult My Wife (And His Ex)

One of the most disgusting and obvious tactics that Bill Schmalfeldt uses is the constant insults to my wife Lauren; a non-political person who Bill Schmalfeldt and his associates have dragged into their scheme simply to harass her.

He makes constant, vulgar sexual references to both Lauren and me. He sent me the follow email directly, after being told repeatedly not to contact me.


Bill Schmalfeldt has called my wife ‘horrible’ and then deleted the tweet.

And this is him on his podcast today;


Bill Schmalfeldt is a man that appears to have deep issues with women. Here he is talking about his ex-wife on his twitter feed yesterday.

ex-2 ex-1 ex-3This is the way Bill Schmalfeldt talks publicly about someone who divorced him years ago. By the way, I don’t believe I knew his ex ‘back in the day’, although we have a mutual friend.



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  1. i seriously find this disturbing and amusing at the same time.


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