Bill Schmalfeldt Dishonors His Mother With Vile Misogyny

Bill Schmalfeldt–the Brett Kimberlin connected┬ástranger who has harassed me and family for months–lost his mother this morning. His response to his mother’s passing has been another revealing incident, however, as he’s used the occasion to attack women. He continued his days-long ugly tirade against the wife he divorced in 1988. This is way he talks to the mother of his children. He is upset that they are talking to me and it’s some of the most disgusting, bizarre manipulative jealously that one can imagine.


He’s also attacked a woman named @DinHouston, calling her the C Word.

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  1. that guy is a fucking asshole, but you can’t let it rest for a bit on the day his mother died?

  2. Bill and his troll friends regularly mock Breitbart’s death and demand to see the death certificate for the Stranahan’s deceased child. Karma’s come back to bite him on the ass now. Single tear.

  3. oh, new here and didn’t know about the kid. Why not que up “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” in her honor then?

  4. Or just call her a cunt and a slut like Schmaltz does while your libsnob ‘defenders of women’ posse looks the other way. Because tolerance and NoH8. LMAO.

  5. not my libsnob defenders of women. I was actually serious about posting the vid. People want to play. rough, give them what they want.

  6. My sincerest condolences to Mr Schmalfeldt on the passing of his mother. Maybe Bill you could take the time and reflect on the loss others suffered at the hands of Mr. Kimberlin and recognise that life is indeed precious.

    I hope you are well and am saddened that you are so angry as to be absorbed on a day of mourning with someone who hasnt been in your life for decades. I think you must now know what Lee and his wife went through just recently and I think this is time to bury the hatchet,to delete all those angry emotional and hateful posts, apologize to Lee’s wife and to continue defending your view points but argue without the smearing degrading character assassinations.

  7. Why does it seem to be a universal chorus of “why oh why can’t you honor his precious mother on the day she died and just shut up for one day?”
    -BS seems to have no trouble insulting the dead and hectoring the survivors non-stop
    -BS sure didn’t have any problem tweeting and posting all sorts of vile crap direct from the side (supposedly) of his sainted dying mother
    -Everyone else is commenting about the behavior of BS, BS reviles everyone living or dead makes no diff to him.

    Everyone tries to get normal and decent people to change their behavior. They know theres no point in trying with the raging assholes.

  8. If BS wants to waste his remaining years smearing people on Twitter, let him have at it. It’s time he’ll never get back, and I highly doubt he’s gonna say from his deathbed “I’m so glad I spent years of my life on useless flamewars”. If Bill and his troll buddies spent 1/8 of the time they waste trolling actually helping other people, they’d see the hope and change they claim to want actually come to pass. No one is being helped, fed or employed by their ridiculous war. None of it has anything to do with the issues facing our country. Bill and Malicious and the rest of their posse have contributed nothing to society except to add to the filth, and they expect others to view them as tolerant and peaceful? We couldn’t have paid for better examples of how proggies are anything but.


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