Bill Schmalfeldt: “I Will Contact Whoever I Want”

cyberstalking |ˈsībərˌstôkiNG|noun

the repeated use of electronic communications to harass or frighten someone,

bs-capBill Schmalfeldt has imposed himself into my life as much as he’s been able to online. He’s done this via one to one contact with me via Twitter, Facebook and email. He’s contacted my family, friends, customers, potential clients, co-workers, my employers, and nearly a dozen different law enforcement agencies.

He’s also threatened to show up-phyisically at events I was holding. On Facebook in late January, I announced a get together in Dallas to commemorate my friend Andrew Breitbart, who passed away suddenly last March.

Bill Schmalfeldt put himself on the invite list on January 29th. I’d already told him several times I didn’t want any direct contact with him, so he knew he was unwelcome.


You’ll note he also commented on February 11th.  Was he planning to go? I don’t know and it doesn’t really matter; his point was clearly to annoy me and be disruptive to the event page, as you’ll see later.

I sent him a message on Facebook right away, reiterating that I wanted no direct contact with him.

I’m telling you again — do not directly contact me, my wife or anyone in my family. I consider all direct contact from you to be harassment and so does my wife.

This was Bill Schmalfeldt’s response to my request to not be contacted directly by him:

And I am telling YOU again, I will contact whoever I want in pursuit of a story. If I were like YOU, I would just print whatever I hear. But UNLIKE you, I try to check facts. So, if you don’t like it, too bad. I proposed a solution, but you are too much of a coward to deal with it. Give me an interview, answer all my questions, be done with me. See how simple? But until then, you are not my boss, I don’t HAVE a boss (except for Gail) and if you are going to lie about my life, at least be thankful that I am trying to tell the truth about yours. It would be a lot easier if you would cooperate, but you’re such a coward, Lee. What are you so afraid of?

He subsequently sent me five more direct messages on Facebook after this one.

He also made made comments on the Andrew Breitbart event page, including a ‘joke’ about Andrew’s death and pretending that he was a friendly to one woman who wanted to attend but could not.

bevent-3 bevent-2

Bill Schmalfeldt believes that he has the right to contact anyone he likes if he is ‘pursuing a story.’ He works for no legitimate journalistic organization, so he is the sole determiner of what ‘a story’ is. The subject matter of his ‘stories’ can include any topic he wants, no matter how personal, ridiculous or vile. He makes it clear that he will not stop.

I am not a lawyer but I do not believe he has such a right. This is why I filed criminal charges against him; I see no other way to stop this stranger’s unwelcome direct imposition on my life.

I want my life back.

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