Bill Schmalfeldt Tells Me In Email “Answer my questions, coward.”

The following is an email exchange where I (once again) asked Bill Schmalfeldt to cease direct contact with me. As you can see, he proceeds to ‘prove’ he’s a journalist by sending me a bizarre collection of photos.

Bill Schmalfeldt makes it clear that he feels he has the right to contact me (or presumably anyone he decides to investigate) with any questions about any aspect of mu life, in any manner he wishes.

If Bill Schmalfeldt’s theory is correct, than anyone can harass anyone they want as long as they blog or otherwise share that information with other people.

And God help you if Bill Schmalfeldt decides YOU are his next target.

SUBJECT: Immediately Cease All Harassing Conduct


Lee Stranahan
Feb 7 (11 days ago)

to Bill
Immediately cease your continued, harassing direct contact with me or members of my family via email and Facebook messages.

I have told you this repeatedly in several emails and I have no concept why you continue to ignore my consistent, clear and polite requests. You have no right to harass me. You are not a journalist and it’s bizarre you pretend to be one. Whatever the reason, stop.
Stop all contact with me or my family at once.



Bill Schmalfeldt
Feb 7 (11 days ago)

to me
30 years experience and I’m NOT a journalist? 8th Grade education and you ARE?
What a country.

Again, you can choose to not answer questions, but that pesky 1st Amendment says I get to ask.

And I will continue to ask until you answer.

But hey, thanks for material for tomorrow’s show. We’ll compare careers.

Answer my questions, coward.
Sent by cell phone


Bill Schmalfeldt
Feb 8 (10 days ago)

to me

OK, I kinda gave you short shrift last night because I was in bed when I received your message, so please allow me to give you a more complete response to your bewildering e-mail message below.

  1. If a reporter asking the subject of a story to answer a question is considered harassment, then then first amendment is in serious trouble.
  2. Consistent, polite requests? I have been nothing but consistently polite in my requests to you — which you ignore. What goes around comes around. As long as you are the subject of a story I am pursuing, each time something new comes up about you, the fair thing to do is to give you an opportunity to respond. If you’d rather, I could start calling and asking for comment, but this seems a far less-intrusive method for getting a comment.
  3. I am not a journalist?  Distinguished Honor Graduate of the Department of Defense Information School’s Applied Journalist course, 1982? Same for their Basic Broadcaster’s Course in 1984? Winner of the Navy Chief of Information Merit Award in 1983 for Editorial Writing? Winner of the Iowa Associated Press Broadcasters Association Award for Editorial Commentary in 1993 (First and second place)? Editor of several weekly newspapers in California and in Wisconsin? City hall reporter and featured columnist for two dailies, one in Manteca, California, the other in my home town of Clinton, Iowa? News director at a few radio stations? Program director and top rated talk show host at WHBL, Sheboygan, WI (a liberal topping the ratings in a conservative town)? Then when I shifted from the private to the public sector in 2005, winner of the National Institutes of Health Merit Award for my podcasting series? Winner of THREE NIH Plain Language awards? Winner of the NIH Clinical Center’s Jesse Ferguson Award for Public Service Excellence in the creation of a podcasting series for that Institute? While you were flipping pizzas and looking for your teeth that you lost while buying weed, son, I was writing for newspapers, working for radio stations, creating podcasting series, writing radio features about the importance of clinical research, having experimental brain surgery as a volunteer, and writing a book on the experience. I have a bunch of self-published books, but one that was published by an actual small-house publisher in 2004.

Now, some proof

Me with the NIH Clinical Directors Awards from 2010

The USDA, Farm Service Administration’s Administrator’s Award for 2008

Your Tax Dollars at work — my office at the NIH. My title, Writer/Editor — GS-13


NIH Merit Award (Top) Plain Language Award Botton


Top rated talk show, Program Director, WHBL, Sheboygan, WI


I believe this was 1989. Editor of the Arcadia (Wis) News Leader


Publicity shot for when I was

Program Director, Morning Host

At WGUF, Naples (FL) Talk Radio


Me with my guest, Eli Wallach, at XM Satellite Radio Studios in New York.


Me with Maureen McGovern at XM Satellite Radio Studios in New York.


Me, giving Mariette Hartley a pineapple (she was starring in Cabaret) at XM Satellite

Radio Studios in New York




Me, in the process of “cross-rating” from Hospital Corpsman to Journalist in 1981.

While you were pimping your wife and making tasty pizza pies, Lee, I was a working Journalist.  So — no more of this “you aren’t a journalist” crap from you, OK?

Now, are you ever going to answer my questions, or do I just have to keep asking?



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