Bill Schmalfeldt’s Double Dip Harassment Part 1

One of the most obvious cases where Bill Schmalfeldt has proven to be quite the not-at-all-a-journalist is his claim that I ‘took money under false pretenses’. He’s made the claim so frequently that it’s clearly a central obsession for him and the most disgusting part is how he took a situation that he caused and used it to harass us not just once, but twice.”

Let’s review.

As I detail in this post, last fall while I was working covering the national political conventions there were a number of threats against me and also my wife.

An associate and online friend of Bill Schmalfeldt’s who uses the twitter handle @OccupyRebellion said this:


And my wife–as you can well imagine–didn’t like that one bit. When I commented on how @OccupyRebellion (an anonymous account) should probably have legal action taken against them, Bill Schmalfeldt leapt in and defended @OccupyRebellion.

Yes. Really. He defended that comment and attacked me.

Here’s what he said on his blog:

She doesn’t TELL anyone where your wife is. She asks a QUESTION!!!! Are you REALLY so needy, so cowardly that you would take an admittedly over-the-top comment and turn it into a REASON for a RESTRAINING ORDER???

Isn’t this the very same sort of behaviors that you and your fellow whiny bitches bitched and whined about when applied by a left wing activist against the ongoing harassment of the right wing, especially one blogger who enjoyed your support? How would your wife feel about having John Firman Norton skulking around in her back yard taking pictures, Stranny?

You are such a detestable cunt, Stranahan. No wonder everybody hates you.

Your wife is safe. If she submits to being touched by someone like you, a no-account, turncoat, treasonous, deadbeat who takes peoples’ money and doesn’t send them the services they pay for, that poor woman has suffered enough.

And you’re going to put her through THIS???What an asswipe.

Better idea, Stranny. How about we find out where you are staying and rape YOU? Of course, no one would never actually DO that, for fear of getting genital warts from your filthy, unwashed, unwiped ass. But maybe it would be nice for a pro-rape asshole such as yourself to understand the fear a woman faces at the concept of rape.How many men do you figure it would take to hold you down, Stranny.

I bet one could do it.

Will that sound like a journalist writing to a neutral third party?

Then — while my wife was home with our kids and after Bill Schmalfeldt has said “She doesn’t TELL anyone where your wife is”, and after he’d suggested that be held down and raped, he posted the following video that gave out our address.

This is amazingly creepy. Imagine it’s your home and that the person who wrote that above paragraph about how you deserved to be raped had made it; how would you feel?

My wife Lauren was the clear target.

Lauren felt completely unsafe. I think this is a natural reaction. Furthermore, I think it’s exactly the reaction that Bill Schmalfeldt wanted; he was trying to intimidate, frighten, and annoy me and my family. It was coordinated effort between @OccupyRebellion and Bill Schmalfeldt. He published that video AFTER the Hollywood Reporter had covered the story and I’d said:

“My wife is home with our four kids and freaked out,” Stranahan told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s sick to her stomach.”

My wife phoned the Dallas police. I phoned the FBI and the Tampa police. The Tampa police told me to call the Howard County police and have them go to Bill Schmalfeldt’s residence and make a report.

My wife’s mother heard about the threat and it frightened her, too. My wife and her Mom talked and wanted us to move right away. My wife said she felt unsafe at the house. My wife said–in no uncertain terms–she wanted to move.

I wrote our landlord.


I’m a working class person. We aren’t poor but we aren’t rich. I had no plans to move until this happened This was a sudden expense, caused directly by the harassing actions of Bill Schmalfeldt, who was doing this for whatever reason motivated him. So I put the word out that we were accepting donations if people wanted to help.

In Part 2, I’ll show you how Bill Schmalfeldt actually DOUBLED DOWN on his harassment and used the situation he had created as a weapon against us. And you’ll see once again how Bill Schmalfeldt lies.

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