Bill Schmalfeldt’s Toothless Arguments

I have periodontal disease.

This fact has been the source of amusement for people like Brooks Bayne, Neal Rauhauser and Bill Schmalfeldt for months now. Every single day, multiple times a day, a small group of people have made fun of me over the fact that I have bad teeth.

This gives you some indication of what sort of people you’re dealing with.

For example, here is Bill Schmalfeldt excitedly urging people over and over again to call into a radio show I was a guest on and to ask them about scams, kiddy porn and my teeth.

Ponder that. Kiddy porn is a very serious thing. If you actually were concerned about kiddy porn, you’d just stop right there. There’s your issue.

And yet, Bill Schmalfeldt is literally telling people that they should call in and ask about my teeth.

It’s not news that I have bad teeth because of periodontal disease. It’s not news that dental work is expensive. How will Bill Schmalfeldt explain to a neutral third party why topics like my teeth or my wife’s sex life are legally valid areas of obsession for him? I don’t know.

Of course, Bill Schmalfeldt and cohorts like Brooks Bayne have taken their issue with my teeth farther and accused me of being a meth addict, too. That’s defamation per se and it shows how these people like Bill Schmalfeldt and Brooks Bayne will take an issue and if it doesn’t get traction, they begin to build a bigger lie. So bad teeth becomes ‘meth addiction’ or shooting erotic photography 10-15 years ago becomes ‘kiddie porn’ and ‘pimping my wife’.

So, I’ve been getting dental work done for several weeks. That’s been the plan for a long time, obviously and it’s taken a good deal of time to figure out how to afford it.

And I knew that once I had dental work done that the people who have been attacking me and my family with lies for months now would make an issue of the fact that I had my teeth FIXED.  They attacked me for having visibly bad teeth. They were going to attack me for having good looking teeth, too.

That’s because people like Bill Schmalfeldt and Brooks Bayne are endless wells of vicious and dishonest harassment, most of which is directed at the enemies of Brett Kimberlin.

So, yesterday was the day that my weeks of dental procedures would be done and I tweeted out:

Bill Schmalfeldt–who was suddenly the recipient of  threats that he’d been predicting he would get for days–thought that tweet was so ominous, he would later report it to the police.



That’s correct; the man who had been ranting about bombs a day or so earlier found MY tweet menacing, he claims.

But, no. It was about the dentist and how I knew people like Bill Schmalfeldt were going to react.

When I was at the dentist, I tweeted out:

And afterwards, I put up a picture of me and my son Erza, where I was smiling.

And Bill Schmalfeldt acted exactly as I said he would because he is completely predictable. He criticized me for even THINKING that people like him and Brooks would go off on ridiculous tangents about my getting my teeth fixed.


How sad! I know, how sad! Because then Bill Schmalfeldt did exactly what I knew he’d do; he (and Brooks Bayne, who has his tweets hidden but you get the idea) continued to find new ways to attack me because my teeth were fixed.

teeth2 teeth3 teeth4

teeth5My reaction?

I’m just smiling at the absurdity.


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  1. your life must be so entertaining that he has to comment on every little thing. either that, OR he has no life, and thusly has to focus all his every waking moments on you. what would he say if you bought a new pair of shoes, took a pic, and tweeted about them? what a sad, paranoid, disgusting-minded, horrible troll.


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