Bonus Video : Email Marketing

I don’t recommend things that I don’t use and like so it’s a no brainer to say that you should sign up for MailChimp – especially since it’s now free for lists of under 500 people.

If you’re serious about promoting yourself and your work you need a mailing list!

Why use MailChimp or other email marketing services? I made this video to explain some of the advantages.


The signup link here gives you $30 in credit if you get a paid accouint, too.

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  1. I was a teacher for 35 years and I know a little bit about home schooling… which is an excellent approach if done well.

    You need to have hard copies of the grade’s curriculum and you need to have more than work on a computer. There should be samples of current written work in math, writing, literature, reading, social studies, science, and the arts. You should have folders with this work in all the subject areas. And you should have assessment folders with activities and work to show evaluation with progress. And there should be a file of timesheets to show records of instruction which can include dates of visits to exhibits in museums or learning centers. The education should be age specific with remediation if necessary or include enrichment if desired. And the learning materials used should be available for showing. Your written “plans” and the “aim” of the lessons should be available, too. You can look at the educational state standards which can serve as a guide.

    Home schooling is not education at whim all based on the creative potential and interests of the student. The basics have to be covered in some learning model that can be demonstrated and defined.
    For instance… is reading taught with a basal reader or with a library where books are visibly grouped in a leveled library according to genre? Is there a program of phonemic awareness? Is reading skills taught: to search for details in a story or to find the main idea. Is math taught through applications or with strategies in word problems. Are learning centers visible?

    Home schooling is an excellent approach, but instruction has to be well documented in record keeping.

    So take my advice or don’t… Home schooling is an ambitious task.


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