Breitbart Not Racist: Color of Change Not Happy

What’s the color of mope?

Color of Change manages to successfully pressure HuffPost to do something unprecedented – make Andrew Breitbart the only person in the entire world who can’t be featured on the front page of the Huffington Post. After initially backing free speech and good publishing practices, HuffPost caved.

But that wasn’t good enough for James Rucker. Check about this comment from his awful new article about Race-baiting vs. Racism. 

Breitbart, though, is relieved that Sekoff and Arianna Huffington have said publicly that they don’t think Breitbart is a racist. "I want to make it as clear as possible that neither I nor Arianna believe that Andrew Breitbart is a racist," Sekoff said in his email to the Daily Caller. "If we did believe that, we never would have allowed him to blog on HuffPost — let alone featured him on our front page. The decision about not featuring him on the front page in the future had nothing to do with race, but was based on the nature of his attack on Van Jones, as we’ve always made clear."

Sekoff’s words are troubling for several reasons. For one, he (and, because he implicates her, Arianna Huffington) pretends that race has nothing to do with why Breitbart is bad for the Huffington Post brand. Instead, he sticks by their stated, implausible rationale for getting rid of their Breitbart problem: that it’s because Breitbart said mean things about ColorOfChange co-founder Jones on someone else’s website.

Why not tackle the issue directly and speak to Breitbart’s role in destroying Sherrod’s career, maligning the NAACP and financially crippling ACORN under false pretenses? Why did taking that additional step prove too difficult for Sekoff and Huffington? Perhaps for the same reason that many white progressive organizations and bloggers (with some important exceptions) that are usually eager to pile on when there’s an opportunity to call out the lies of conservative operatives were silent.

The race-biater is James Rucker – they are the ones who introduce race into the issue and then pretend that they aren’t calling Bretitbart a racist. Note how race-baiteer Rucker throws in “many white progressive organizations and bloggers”? Got to force that white guilt, right James? What – you didn’t get enough people piling on your censorship crusade?

Color of Change’s James Rucker is a cowardly censor. I hope James Rucker gets Google Alerts, because I’ll debate that dishonest fundraiser any time, any place. Rucker is happy enough to write for the Huffington Post and use it for his own purposes but he doesn’t want other people, specially Andrew Breitbart, to have the same ability.You want to debate Sherrod or the NAACP or Pigford or ACORN? I’m right here, man.

Good job, Roy and Arianna. As I said in my Arianna  Shrugs article – the far left hate you. Stop sucking up to them. They hate you/


  1. I love the lefts idea of “holding someone accountable”….usually means shutting them up.

  2. He won’t debate you. Debate exposes truth, and when you have none, you can’t debate.

  3. My idea of holding him accountable is to get him to debate. Different approach.

  4. Rucker writes for huffpo? Didn’t they have some policy about ad hominem attacks, or are they done with that rule now that breitbarts gone? I’m no dictionary writer but it would seem that selling shirts that say Bush Hates Black People seems pretty “ad hominem.”

    Of course, If huffington Fired all her ad hominem writers, it’d be a blank front page.

  5. Ah, Color of Change. This group wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and kicked them in the shins

    If you want an even more egregious example of race-baiting, look at the Jena 6 – the entire narrative was shaped by Color of Change and their ilk, and was over 70% false, with poor Black students victimized by an all White establishment, instead of the truth that most of them were violent recidivists, with 4 of the 6 subsequently arrested on additional battery charges stemming from other incidences in the last 3 years (all but 1 of those further incidences have received no additional media coverage from Color of Change or anyone else).

    How do they not understand that you should lionize those who are worthy of the admiration and praise (i.e. not people with a history of violent crime, like their “Save Tookie Williams” campaign for the man who helped found the Crips and put gang violence into overdrive), nor is everyone who is brought to court for disobeying the law akin to Rosa Parks. It’s demeaning to people who are legitimate victims and has re-written the word ‘justice’ to mean ‘getting away with it.’

    But please, let’s hear about how bad Breitbart and Glenn Beck are, neither of whom, to the best of my knowledge didn’t found a violent street gang or group-assault another human being into unconsciousness (and were rewarded monetarily for it). They are definitely the greater evil here. And people wonder why it was appropriate to boot Van Jones from the cabinet. Look no further – he’s just as much of a conspiracy-laden nut-bag now as he was then.

  6. Lee, I was unfamilar with your writing until you covered the Wisconsin “thugocracy.” I was so impressed with your search for the truth , that , you now have me as a fan. It matters not to me, whether the writing is against the , Right , or, the Left , but, it does matter to me that it is factual. Isn’t that what the 4th Estate is supposed to do ?



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