Busy Busy

I have been really remiss about blogging….here’s a roundup…

  • The big news is that Lauren is pregnant; our fifth child total, third together. (We both came into the relationship with one kid each, our older sons Steven and Shane.)
  • I’m working as a line producer on music video project…
  • Wrote a new comedy piece on HuffPost bashing GOP goofballs : Limbaugh, Beck, The Plumber Announce "Yapping Tour"
  • Wrote more about the John Edwards scandal : The Lies Of (And To) Elizabeth Edwards
  • And we LOVE Albuquerque…


  1. Congrats, Lee! That’s a lot of big news in a small time period.

    Loved the HuffPo piece!

  2. I hope being in Albuquerque makes for ease and peace in some of the other happy stress and pressure. I love Albuquerque myself!


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