The Solo R.V. | Check Out This Amazing One Person Camper

Here’s a design concept for the self contained digital nomad — roam around in a personal recreational vehicle that’s easy on gas but lets you cook, sleep, do laundry, work and store your stuff.

Designboom says:

‘Bufalino’ by german industrial designer Cornelius Comanns is a small camper
which is equipped to meet the basic needs of one person. the concept behind the project
is to offer absolute flexibility during periods of travel.

h/t my wife!

The Solar Powered Wifi GPS Tent Of The Future

People often talk about the innovation created by project like NASA. Well, here’s some serious innovation created by people who get high at concerts.

Telecom giant Orange unveiled a concept solar tent in conjunction with the opening of this year’s Glastonbury music festival in the U.K. Inspired by the new flexible photovoltaics in development, the tent–if produced for consumers–would be covered in a semi-photovoltaic fabric woven with both coated solar threads and conventional threads to form a solar shell that could be adjusted to face optimum sun throughout the day.

The solar energy would then be channeled into four main power uses: heating, lighting, communications, and recharging.


And how many times have you been to a field festival only to spend an eternity trying to find your way back to your camp? The development team for the tent noticed that this wandering was a common problem at Glastonbury each year.

For that reason, the tent would be equipped with “Glo-cation” technology that would allow users to find their tents by sending an SMS message or using an automatic RFID tag similar to the ones used in London’s Underground Oyster subway cards. The tent would then glow in response.

The tent would also serve to broadcast a Wi-Fi signal, though it’s unclear whether it would have a Wi-Fi booster for a central area hub or act as an independent Wi-Fi router.

Twitter, Twirl, Seesmic And Instant Social Media

Stop Stop Not All at Once!!! on Flickr – Photo Sharing!

I’ve been really getting into Twitter lately, especially since I got my Helio Ocean; the first cell phone I’ve owned that wasn’t a total pain in the ass to text with. Twitter lets you send short text messages that people can subscribe to and you can subscribe to their twitter feeds (or ‘tweets’) as well – you can write or read on your computer, net-connected PDA, or phone.

Robert Scoble has said, the key to Twitter is not who’s following you – it’s who you follow. He’s right. There are a lot of interesting smart people on there. You start by following your friends, then you figure out who they are following and you go from there. It’s all free, of course.

If you want to follow me, go here..

The interesting thing about Twitter is that the way I’m using it, it’s pretty social and very ‘up to the minute’. If you follow the right people – people who are interested in the same kind of stuff you are – then you can learn a lot and keep up to date on all sorts of interesting stuff, from the minutia of people’s personal lives to the latest news.

I’ve been using a piece of software called Twhirl and I like it and now they’ve been bought and…oh, I’ll let DownloadSquad explain some of this…it’s kinda technical but you’ll see there are a few companies in this space doing interesting things.

Seesmic, which is in private beta, is basically a micro-video-blogging service, which allows users to record and share short videos and respond to videos from other users. Seesmic has often been described as Twitter for video chat. Today that comparison becomes a bit more apt, as Seesmic has acquired Twhirl, one of the most popular desktop clients for Twitter.

Twhirl is one of several Twitter clients built on Adobe AIR which use Twitter’s API to essentially make a web-page based service feel more like an instant messaging client. You can run Twhirl as a desktop application on your Windows, Mac, or Linux machine. When new messages come in, you get an alert, and you can sort messages by replies, directs, or personal and public timelines. Twhirl also recently added the ability to repost messages to other micrblogging services like Jaiku and Pownce.

Seesmic acquires Twhirl, will add videos to popular Twitter client – Download Squad

1200 Frames Per Second For Less Than $1000

My goodness, the tools available to video makers today. Cellphone live broadcasts, HD cameras you can find in your pocket and now ultra super slow motion – up to 1200 frickin’ frames per second with small resolution or 300 fps with almost full screen D1 / NTSC video resolution.

It’s the Casio Exilim EX-F1 and I want one!

This is a very big deal for all kinds of film makers from action chop socky fiends to nature doc makers who want to make their own Koyaanisqatsi
I know it’s got limitations but as an artist or film maker it’s up to you to work around them. Check out Engadget for more…