Cease & Desist: Melissa Brewer aka @CatsRImportant Is Working With Bill Schmalfeldt

An interesting development. With criminal charges pending against him in Maryland, Bill Schmalfeldt has enlisted the aid of a woman named Melissa Brewer. Brewer has previously stalked me and written proven falsehoods about me that she retracted. She’s at it again, working with the man who has fantasies about demanding to see my daughter’s death certificate. (Listen to this horrific audio clip to hear Bill Schmalfeldt say that in his own words. Please listen. It’s 35 seconds; listen and comment if you would ever work with such a person. Brewer jumped at the chance)


She links to an article on Schmalfeldt’s site, that is praised by Bill Schmalfeldt as ‘nice detective work.’ It’s an article critical of me from 15 years ago written by Bob Stingly of Video Wizard Productions.

However, Ms. Brewer’s detective work didn’t seem to let her realize that she’s posting information from a person that I revealed at the time was a fake.

I’ve been dealing with internet trolls for a long time. Here’s what I found out about “Robert Stingly” at the time:

I don’t want to sound paranoid, but after reading Bob Stingly’s post
attempting to discredit me, I was curious to talk to him.
I tried to email him. Try it yourself, if you want. His AOL account no
longer exists. (If you aren’t familiar with AOL, it’s easy to create
virtually untraceable screen names off your main account. I say
‘virtually’ because you can trace them with a court order. The point is,
it’s easy to make up a screen name and post anything anywhere if one is so
inclined.) It’s a little odd that that his account vanished after his one
and only post, but stranger things have happened.
So, I tried to phone him. But neither Kansas City area code (816 or 913)
had a Robert or Bob Stingly. I called the Stinglys that were listed. No
Bob. And no ‘Video Wizard Productions’ either. Some people don’t list
their phone numbers. Some small businesses aren’t listed. But
still….curiouser and curiouser…
So, I don’t want to be paranoid, but I am suspicious. This sort of thing
happened before, as some long time newsgroup readers may remember. It’s
kinda weird.
Bob – if you’re out there, I’m sorry that I doubt that you exist. Please
email me your number.

I never learned the real identity of “Bob Stingly.”

Once again, republishing this 15 year old smear is not journalism. This is collusion in harassing me and a reckless disregard for the truth. Ms. Brewer and Mr. Schmalfeldt need to correct the record right way.


  1. You’re the witch hunt of the day for Malicious aka Catshit
    http://moronicprochoicequotes.blogspot.com/2012/05/twitlers-list.html who will be on to another target tomorrow. Being stalked by her only gives you extra street cred-everyone is already aware what an impotent, desperate troll she is and I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t been her target at one time or another-it’s all a ploy to feed her perpetual victimhood and gain the attention she so craves but can’t get sitting on her morbidly obese disability-collecting ass. Ineffective slacktivist who hasn’t worked a day in her life and will be sucking the gubmint titty until her heart (such as it is) finally gives out. What a legacy of accomplishment. SMH.

  2. Melissa must be bored again. Nothing like sitting on your ass at home, wreaking havoc on other people’s lives, to bring a little meaning to your own life, huh? You are judged by the company you keep, even if it’s just your twitter pals.

  3. I’m glad you’re on the trail of this really strange person who has harassed me intensely as well. I couldn’t figure out whether she was a completely contrived persona or a case of Internet histrionics. Keep up the good work.


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