Deconstructed House 1.2 : The Studio Buildings

Another in a series of posts on my idea for a “Deconstructed House”; an indoor / outdoor  home concept that uses a number of smaller, more affordable structures rather than a traditional large house. Here’s a video with my initial rambling about it and my 1.1 revision. 


In 1.2, I’ve clustered the buildings a bit more and swapped out the studios. There are two studio buildings in my concept — one a creative studio / office  and the other a crafts studio.DH-High Studio 2 Studio 1I’ve swapped the studio buildings themselves out from previous version; this revision I’m using Studio Sheds; a company in Colorado that says on their About page:

People are discovering that these single-room structures work beautifully as home offices, art or recording studios, storage spaces, guest rooms and much more. Studio Shed is pioneering the most efficient and affordable ways to deliver these refined products to clients from coast to coast.

Yeah! Here are some photos of real Studio Sheds:



  1. wouldn’t it be prohibitively expensive to heat each of these buildings?

    • Lee Stranahan says:

      I live in Texas. Keeping them cool is a bigger issue. But — lots of tiny houses use fireplaces. They are tiny.

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