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  • Do you care about the fate of Christians in the Middle East who are being killed and driven out of their homes?
  • Do you want to expose the truth about Benghazi?
  • Do you want to warn the world about the build-up of al-Qaeda that’s been enabled by the Obama administration?
  • Do you want to do something about the powder keg that’s building because of the Syrian refugee crisis impacting millions of people?

You can help make a difference. This is a story that REALLY matters; a story that the world needs to hear and that the mainstream media isn’t telling.

With your donation, we’ll tell the story of The Caliphate — the Islamic state being built up in the Middle East right now.


These events are happening thousands of miles away but don’t fool yourself into thinking this is something that won’t affect you or your family.

9577264592_ea42a31633There’s a crisis for Christians in the Middle East. They are being targeted, kidnapped and murdered. They are being driven from their homes and cities by the hundreds of thousands.

There’s also a broader crisis for everyone in the region as chaos and violence are spreading due to the jihadists.

This calamity is coming to the United States, in ways that the media and establishment politicians aren’t going to tell you about.

We can’t count on the MSM. We have to tell the world what’s happening.


  • The Benghazi attacks appear to be connected to the Obama administration secretly running weapons to Syrian rebels.
  • In Egypt after the Arab Spring, the Obama administration backed the Muslim Brotherhood who killed Coptic Christians and destroyed their churches.
  • Syrian rebels, backed by your tax dollars, have led attacks on Christians throughout Syria.[pullquote align=”right”]We need to tell this story…[/pullquote]
  • In Lebanon, I interviewed survivors of an attack by Muslim rebels on the ancient Christian village of Maaloula. They confirmed people were killed for not renouncing their faith.
  • Al-Qaeda terrorists are now flooding into Syria from all over the world. Their stated goal is to create a Caliphate; an Islamic state ruled by Sharia law that rules first the Middle East, and then as much of the world as possible.
  • The northern Syrian city of Aleppo has been turned into ‘hell’, according to a Syrian I interviewed. Almost all the Christians have fled and kidnappings are common.
  • I interviewed the head of the Iraqi Catholic church, Patriarch Louis Sako and learned that in Iraq, fierce fighting between Muslim sects has driven over 1,000,000 Christians out of that country.
  • Here at home, we’re already seeing open hostility to Christianity and theism. Their nihilism is on full display: from the Democrats removing God from their political platform to the Obama administration punishing Christians in the military to liberal protestors shouting ‘Hail, Satan’ at the Texas Statehouse.

It’s a story that the status quo media is burying but together, we can get the story out there to the world quickly. We need to act fast. The situation is urgent.


rebelsI asked people in the Middle East what’s the most important thing Americans can do and they all said the same thing: get the word out. Let people know what’s happening.

I’m working on a documentary called The Caliphate that’s aimed at a general audience. The movie will lay out the clear evidence for what’s happening in the Middle East and why the situation is so vital for all Americans, regardless of their political or religious beliefs.

The complete budget for the film is here.

In Phase One of the funding: We need to raise $12,000 to shoot  the film in the Middle East

Thanks to the support of people like you, I was able to travel to Lebanon a few weeks ago. What we were able to accomplish there was nothing short of amazing.

Now, I’m developing the script and doing the research for The Caliphate.

The plan is to go back to the Middle East in a few weeks to shoot HD resolution interviews with key people. We have great contacts  in the region and want to let the people tell their own stories.

We’re at the crossroads. Don’t ignore this.

Donate right now.



  1. That looks great. Can’t wait to see it.

  2. Hi! Just now learning about you! I’m a James O’Keefe fan. BTW, the bio below says you write for Brighbart. Time for an update?
    God bless the Syrian Christians. Survived 2,000 years but can’t survive Obama’s 2nd term.

  3. looks good Lee keep up the good work there bud



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