Evening Jam : Steely Dan | LIVE | Reelin’ In The Years

More Midnight Special madness! I’ve shown you some amazing 1970s performances from Peter Frampton and Heart. Here’s something pretty rare; live early 70s footage of Steely Dan, who went primarily a studio band for the rest of the decade. The Dan are one of my all time favorite bands so this was a treat to find.

What’s Awesome:  Bill Cosby intro! ! Bill Cosby in some sort of pleather track suit! Bill Cosby’s wacky comedy take at the end! Real musicians! Donald Fagen’s face, which is reminiscent of a jellyfish. Sideshow Bob singing background vocals! The way guitarist Denny Dias stands when he plays. Denny Dias’s outfit, including velvet pants and a shirt that looks like Price threw up on after eating bad mushrooms. Skunk! Double guitar madness. Walter Becker with really long hair. Guitar solo! The other guitar solo!

After the jump : The Dan does Do It Again from the same Midnight Special but Donald is too shy to sing or somethign so Sideshow Bob sings and it’s kind of weird BUT Jeff “Skunk’ Baxter plays percussion with a skill you did probably not know he possessed.

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  1. I love these guys. In my opinion they just don’t make music like this lately… so well done. thanks for posting these vid’s, i’ve never seen any until here.


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