Fumbling Towards Workspace Ecstasy

Fumbling Towards Workspace Ecstasy

In my mind, I have a perfect office space imagined. I’ve had it for years. In my mind, I mean.

In this space, I can work free from clutter and distraction in a energized yet Zen-like environment that will allow my creativity and productivity to blossom.

Here’s see how that is working out in practice at the moment. Literally, as I type this — here is my desk.

Okay, it’s a work in progress.

What you’re seeing there is a bunch of hard drives hooked up as I’m attempting to clear enough space on one big ole’ two terabyte so I can format it and partition it for use with my MacBook that you can spot among the spaghetti.

My dream office? Actually, it’s close all of a sudden. I thought it was years away. Then I remembered that it didn’t have to be. I’ll explain more about that in some other posts.

Right now, though, I’m actually feeling very good about my workspace — and even my work — appearances to the contrary.

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