Gingrich Interview : Here’s The GOP Candidate

via Gary Eaton, who said Gingrich ‘killed it’ and I agree in the sense that he sure looks like here’s going to be the candidate based on his professionalism in this interview. Unflappable. I’m not endorsing him – I’m saying this is the guy who will win the nomination and then go on to beat Barack Obama.,

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  1. I half agree with your conclusion. I believe newt will go on to win the GOP nomination, but that it will bring about a mass exodus of people leaving the republican party. A third party will rise, and both parties will lose votes. Then we’ll be stuck with a president winning with 35-40% of the vote. And if you think it’s difficult to get things done when half the country despises you, how can you govern a population where 2/3 of the populace despise you?

    If gingrich gets the nod, I predict violent revolution within the decade.


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