Guess It’s Called Talking Points Memo For A Reason

Within the first three or so hours of respected liberal journalism site Talking Points Memo posting their The New Spin: The White House Would Be A Step Down For Sarah Palin. article yesterday, I had posted a piece that showed conclusively that TPM had the story wrong and that Andrew Breitbart’s rcent statements about Sarah Palin being more powerful working outside of politics was neither 1) new or 2) spin.

But no matter. No retraction or clarification. And you know what? It’s effective.

TPM posts it’s misleading report in the morning and by the afternoon it shows up on Hardball, complete with a ‘Spin Machine"’ over-the-shoulder graphic.

And also on MSNBC, Cenk delivers a barely rewritten version of the TPM piece. Seriously, compare the two and you’lll see he owes TPM ‘reporter’ Benjy some royalties.

If a print publican did what Cenk did – without attribution to TPM – it’d be called ‘plagiarism’.


  1. Cenk didn’t even bother with TPM’s (seemingly) hastily added concession that Coulter had been saying the same thing long before the poll numbers. Apparently noting, correctly, that it kills the entire premise.

  2. This does not surprise me. The state of modern journalism is so bad, that they should seriously think about disbanding the whole profession. These guys are lazy, stupid, and biased. They never source their material, they report rumor as fact by simply saying someone else is reporting it, and they never bother verifying with the target. Moreover, half of what they put out there is nothing more than politicking for lobbyists or shilling for corporate sponsors (“newsvertising”) and most of it doesn’t even begin to pass the sniff test… much less a moment’s research.

    They have become the used car salesmen of the information world.

  3. I really can’t find anywhere that Cenk claims to be a “journalist”. He’s VERY clear about telling s that what he does is devour the news, decide what’s important, and bring it into prospective and conversation. He’s not that into original journalism, only verifying and checking into what is already out there.


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