Huffington Post’s Arrogant Silent Treatment

The Huffington Post is certainly doing a spectacular job of keeping their readers completely in the dark about the entire story of their caving to pressure from the group Color of Change and banning Andrew Breitbart from their front page. This story has been covered by Slate, Mediaite, the New Yorker and a host of conservative sites but there hasn’t been one single word mentioned about it in the Huffington Post, which has an entire section devoted to covering Media. (Paging Jason Linkins.) Not a peep. No stories, articles, statements of clarification.

As far as Arianna and her bosses at AOL are concerned THIS NEVER HAPPENED.

Furthermore, they are now in full hush-up mode to the outside world, too. Huffington Post’s poor flack Mario Ruiz has gone from simply giving nonanswers when pressed to explain this new policy to completely ignoring his emails on the subject.

You think the Arianna Huffington and editor Roy Sekoff don’t know what the reaction of their readers would be if they told them that they both knew Andrew Breibart wasn’t a racist? Do you think they don’t know the reaction of the anyone fair minded if they made it clear that they had ALWAYS known this but still let HuffPo serve as the platform for attack after attack on him?

This indicates to me that the reason the Huffington Post deleted a story by Loreiei Kelly that was critical of Breitbart wasn’t out of some sense of protecting his reputation but instead was trying to keep this story away from their readers even in the comment section, where would surely have been mentioned. Contrary to what Ms. Kelly said, it seems obvious to me that AOL and the Huffington Post are the ones acting like the Soviets here by treating their publication like Pravda.

This arrogance harkens back to the old media mindset that they hold an effective monopoly on the airwaves in printing presses, so what are you peons going to do about it? Compare this even to NPR’s coverage of it’s own recent controversy – NPR didn’t pretend the story didn’t exist.

So I’m asking you that question – what are you going to do about?

The Internet means that there is no longer a communications blockade. If you have a blog, writing a post about what the Huffington Post did will add one more voice and make it that much harder for Arianna and AOL to keep their customers in the dark. If you don’t have a blog, maybe this is a good time to go to or and start one.


  1. Just yesterday, I decided to stop into huffpo for the first time since you quit. Specifically, I wanted to see their defense from their own keyboards. So I keyed in Breitbart in the search, and they had his two articles, and then the scrubbed article calling him a soviet. It makes me wonder if there was, per chance, an “ad hominem” attack in there…
    But I was completely shocked that it wasn’t even mentioned at all. No victory dances, no “this house is cleansed” articles… Its funny, because for a brief second, I was actually hoping for some honesty.

  2. Yep — it’s very conspicuous in its absence.

  3. In AOL’s business model, the Huffposters are a readership-generating operation, designed to lure eyeballs to advertisements. So you see, it’s important that they should refine that readership down to, um, to a manageable size, right? Because quality is more important than quantity, in the information business, thus they need to focus more tightly on (a) readers that already agree with them and (b) readers who lack any curiosity about outside versions of their stories. Because by definition, these would just about have to be the most gullible readers available, thus ideal from the advertiser’s perspective.



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