I Have Exchanged Email With The 10th Smart Person In Hollywood

The 50 Smartest People In Hollywood | Photos | EW.com

Entertainment Weekly has a list of the ’50 Smartest People In Hollywood’ and ILM Effects Supervisor John Knoll is number 10.  That means he’s way way smarter then Ben Afleck (#50 – barely smart) but less smart then Will Smith (#5 – could have invented Photoshop WITHOUT his brother).  Why is Knoll #10?

He designed some of the most groundbreaking computer-generated effects of this generation. In 1989 he helped conjure the morphing magic in James Cameron’s The Abyss, and he has overseen the effects on all three Star Wars prequels and the entire Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

I’ve talked to Knoll a few times, years ago. That was before he was so officially smart though.

I did not make the list. Thanks for asking.

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  1. smarter THAN Ben Affleck (not THEN)

  2. A few people on that list never appeared too smart to me. They
    are good at marketing themselves and making films that
    do well at the box office. I suppose in that way they are smart.


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