I Hereby Resign From The Crazy

Picture this: you’re on your way to a very important appointment. You’re traveling to a potentially life-changing meeting that could make you rich, popular and happy. If it goes well, this encounter would alter not just your own life but the lives of the people you love, bringing them prosperity and peace. In fact, this appointment you’re headed to will even make the existence of total strangers better.

You’re standing outside the building where this crucial, destiny-altering meeting is about to take place but just as you’re about to ring the doorbell and climb the stairs, you are approached by a crazy person.

The insane wretch walks up to you screaming invective at the top of their lungs. They hurl insults at you; about your personality, your character, your work, your appearance, your interests and even your family. The truth doesn’t matter; this person is off their rocker and has no standards. Nothing is too personal, low, or vile for them to say. They shriek that they will destroy you and tell your employer, your co-workers, your friends and even total strangers even awful thing they can think of. Spittle flies as they bellow that you started this fight but that they will defeat you.

What would you do?

Would you stop and try to reason with them? Would you argue and attempt to correct the obvious falsehood? Would you politely listen to their rants?

Or would you ring the bell, leave the delusional maniac screaming in the streets and go to the meeting that’s so important?

It occurs to me that I have big work to do and I can’t let crazy people slow me down.

So, I won’t.

Moving on…

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  1. Some people is just crazy.


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