Immigration Enforcement Group Attacked by Occupy Mob

In a visceral display of the left’s desire to shut down speech they don’t agree with, a group of May Day Occupy marchers in New York City attacked counter-protesters from the group NY-iCE, an organization that supports enforcement of immigration laws. Dozens of marchers stopped their march to taunt, bully and scream at the small contingent holding up a banner with the Statue of Liberty on it that read ‘No Trespassing’ and gave the groups contact info. Eventually, the mob tears the group’s banner and sends them fleeing.

The media — who have called the May Day protests ‘restrained’ — is ignoring the rampage. Here are two views of the incident. This has left the story to be covered by racist white supremacist sites like Stormfront — which, of course, will allow the media to continue to ignore the story since it’s being reported on by ‘fringe groups’. how convenient.

The reality is that most Americans support immigration enforcement and Occupy is the actual fringe position.

This view shows the attack from Occupy’s point of view.

This video shows how it looks from the perspective of the NY-ICE counter-protesters.


  1. While most Americans probably do support enforcement of the immigration laws, how? Businesses love illegal labor, especially in restaurants, hotels, and construction. No one ever seriously talks about jailing the people who knowingly hire illegals. Therefore we can continue to expect businesses to find ways to hire illegal immigrant labor.

  2. Alabama’s law has been very effective. Do we WANT very effective? I don’t know.


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