Indefensible: Schmalfeldt & #OccupyRebellion Talk About Our Late Daughter Collette

This is a post about Bill Schmalfeldt : The Stranger Who Has Been Harassing My Family For Months

Even though he has criminal charges pending against him, Bill Schmalfeldt continues to act like a stalker and work with his associate Occupy Rebellion to promote horrific falsehoods about me, my wife and our children. The whole point is to inflict emotional distress on me and my family.

Note that he continues to direct mention me as @Stranahan in these emotionally abusive tweets even though I have told repeatedly to stop making direct contact with me.


Rememeber: This is the man defended by people like @OsborneInk, @Karoli, @Shoq, @CatsRImportant and @JSigwart. Look at what he’s talking about and ask yourself what sort of person defends this sort of behavior.

Also remembner: Bill Schmalfeldt was told by his friend @BreitbartUnmask that the case against him would be dropped last Tuesday. It has not been dropped. I meet with the State’s Attorney soon and given his conduct since I filed charges, I may pursue additional action.

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