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Past Successes : Thanks To Supporters Like You

On occasion, I’ve reached out to my readers and asked them to help me break a story that required some financial support because it had expenses.

And together, we got amazing results.

We broke several major stories that have been picked up ALL OVER the place – from Fox News to Glenn Beck and even to left wing sites like Raw Story.

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I have a major break in another story…

For obvious reasons, I can’t explain everything about the story or what exactly I’m going to break. I have been working on an angle on a story that directly relates to President Obama and in order to cover it properly, I need to do some travel and video production work…

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Here’s what I can tell you…

  • The story is connected to a story that I’ve researched and written on extensively.
  • This aspect of the story relates clearly and directly to Barack Obama
  • The story is rock solid; it’s fully sourced and includes both witness testimony and physical evidence.

There are travel and crew costs for me to get this on video.


We are under attack : please help out & get proven results..

I don’t have to tell you that the Left is trying to shut down conservative reporting.

I want to get this story out in plenty of time for the election. We’re less thsan four months from election day and the clock is ticking.

I want to travel to the locations I need to, shoot the video I need and then get this story launched as soon as possible.

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