It’s Time To Say No To The Speech Crushers


Groups like Color Of want to silence the political speech of anyone who doesn’t agree with them. But you can fight back…

Their latest campaign is trying to force left-leaning website The Huffington Post to ban conservative writer Andrew Breitbart – one of the only right wing voices writing there. Whether you agree with Breitbart’s opinions or not is beside the point .

Free and open debate is the cornerstone of our American political system. We have a tradition of ‘I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it’ and it’s times to tell self-appointed censors like Color Of Change that enough is enough.

Color Of Change is counting on people who believe in free speech to be battered into silence out of fear of being called racist. They cynically and forcefully play the race card as a bullying tactic and feel safe to make wild, baseless allegations in the hope that opposing ideas won’t ever get a chance to be heard. If Color Of Change truly felt their allegations had merit, they wouldn’t be afraid of the discussion.

It’s time to say no to these aggressive bullying tactics. No group, especially one as biased as Color Of Change, should be allowed to decide who and what political opinions  you get to listen to, read or see.

It’s time to take a strong stand for freedom of speech.

Below is the text of the message we’ll deliver to Arianna Huffington on your behalf:

Dear Ms. Huffington,

Please stand firm against groups like Color Of Change who want to stifle discussion on your website.

Color Of Change has made serious accusations of racism and deception against Andrew Breitbart; charges that he vehemently denies. I may agree with Mr.Breitbart’s views or I may disagree but I shouldn’t be stopped from hearing about them on The Huffington Post.

In a free society, people should be allowed to listen to both sides and make up their own minds. By trying to stop discussion, Color Of Change is betraying the very principles that made country able to achieve advances in the Civil Rights movement.

Please don’t allow Color Of Change or any group to decide what views your readers are allowed to see. I urge you to continue to actively promote a broad spectrum of opinion at The Huffington Post.


Yes, I support free speech!
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