Kimberlin Lawyer Kevin Zeese Responds

Kevin Zeese is the attorney for convicted “Speedway Bomber” Brett Kimberlin and for Velvet Revolution, the liberal coalition that’s a partnership between Kimberlin and Brad Blog editor Brad Friedman.

I asked Zeese about reports I’ve heard from several sources about Brett Kimberlin having large amounts of money in offshore bank accounts. Remember that when Kimberlin was a drug dealer in Indiana in the 1970s he was said to have been making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.

Zeese responded:

This totally false claim of millions in off-shore accounts will make an interesting short story.  Just make sure you make it clear that it is fiction.

I said that that seemed like a straighforward denial. Zeese wrote back:

Yeah — pretty straightforward.  But, it could make a  fiction short story for a B-level cable network or maybe a sitcom (but probably too lacking in credibility for either. Such accusations do not even pass the straight face test)!

I also asked Zeese about Velvet Revolution’s offer of a reward for information about the SWATing and the reported claim of Kimberlin associate that he (Rauhauser) planned to collect the reward himself. Zeese said:

I don’t know anything about Rauhauser’s statements or his knowledge of the SWAT-ting incidents. Anyone who has information that leads to a conviction is eligible for the reward.  We’d like to bring the criminal to justice. This is a dangerous practice and it would be good to see a prosecution.

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