Kitchen Nightmares: The Mixing Bowl

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You can’t accuse the Amercian version of Kitchen Nightmares featuring Gordon Ramsey of not having a wide reach. In three weeks, they’ve gone from Long Island, New York to New York City and now this week back to Long Island. Sure, it may not SOUND far but if you’ve ever driven on the Long Island Expressway you know it could be a journey of many weeks.

Tonight’s episode is set at a restaurant called The Mixing Bowl Eatery in Bellmore, New York and from my initial research it seems like another case of a restaurant that’s not REALLY that bad. They did this on the Peter’s Italian Restarant premiere episode; they tried to make the restaurant seem worse than it really was. Ok, last week’s episode with Dillon’s was truly gross with all the bugs and rotten food. Actually, none of the episodes bode real well for New York’s health inspectors, do they?

Here’s the Mixing Bowl Eatery’s menu. Lots of seafood, which makes sense for Long Island. Seems a little pricey and pretentious. It’s an ‘eatery’? A twelve dollar hamburger? Not my thing but there’s really nothing on the menu that screams bad restaurant.

Reviews on the web page are good, but that’s expected. Looking around a little, though – the reviews I found still seem pretty good.

I’ve been to Mixing Bowl about a dozen times and it is certainly one of my favorite restaurants on Long Island. As it is Zagat rated, the food is delectable, the service is superior (they pay attention to every detail), and the prices are reasonable. Its gourmet food at a bargain price. The space is very small and cramped however, but who cares, the food is awesome! I specifically like their salads (some mixed with fruits and interesting dressings), and their Chicken with cous cous and artichokes is the best. They also have a Seafood Paella to die for. Highly recommended, you cant go wrong here.

Mixing Bowl Eatery – Bellmore, NY 11710 – Reviews: Restaurants

Here’s a map to the…umm…eatery.

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  1. I’d never heard of Kitchen Nightmares before yesterday, but when I heard that the Mixing Bowl was going to be featured, I had to watch. (But I got home late and only managed to catch the last 20 minutes.) I’ve been to the Mixing Bowl about a half dozen times before it was fixed up, and thought it was a great place to eat. I agree with the above comment; the seafood paella was incredible. The only reasons I didn’t go more often were that (1) the prices were a wee bit high for a casual lunch or dinner, and (2) the parking lot is nerve-wrackingly small (a narrow single-lane alleyway serves as both entrance and exit). I’ve never had any reason to complain about the food or the service, though. Now that it’s been renovated, I look forward to trying it again soon.

  2. I just watched the Kitchen nightmare show and I could not believe how ridiculous the manager is. As a waitress of almost 20 years, I would like to know if he still takes 50% of the waitress tips. He was the main problem with the Mixing Bowl. I am glad to hear that they are now successful for the sake of the owner and his wife. The manager, however,needs to go.


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