Leaked Email Reveals Stunningly Blunt Admissions About National Right To Work Committee’s Illegal Mail Program






In 2010, the National Right to Work Committee was running an illegal campaign writing, printing and mail campaign in a  number of states. In Iowa, that day-to-day operation was being run by Dimitri Kesari and his young underling Jared Gamble.

The ‘mail program’ wrote letters for candidates and printed them on secret printing presses owned and operated by NRTW. Those mailing were done in coordination and with the approval of candidates.

In the fall of 2010, the printing presses and a number of staff were moved from Iowa to Indiana. In this email, Gamble expresses his excitement about being ‘up and running’ and explains the new procedures to other National Right To Work employees. He also gives the address of the new drop location in Peoria, IL.


I’ll be giving complete details on this operation in the coming days.




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