“Liberals” Ignore Media Matters On Beck Story

Media Matters for America’s EricBoehlert tweeted tonight…

Am loving this show…..Conservative Blogger Exposes Breitbart/Stranahan’s Latest Dishonesty About Sherrod Story;http://bit.ly/k2P9a5

And Boehlert’s tweet was gleefully picked up by a number of liberal bloggers…


What are they all so excited about? It’s a post from the really crappy looking site St. Luis Activist Hub called Conservative Blogger Exposes Breitbart/Stranahan’s Latest Dishonesty About Sherrod Story. It says in part…

So Stranahan is claiming that Beck attacked Sherrod throughout the radio show, but later pretended that he had reservations about the story from the beginning. Stranahan does acknowledge that he’s heard there is a "Fourth Hour" of Beck’s radio show available for subscribers, but like a true "Breitbart schmournalist," he doesn’t bother to check what’s in that fourth hour before declaring that Beck is a liar.

and it concludes…

So while Beck’s radio program on July 20th was initially critical of Sherrod, they defended her at the end of the show and, in fact, argued that it looked like she had been wronged and that this was an example of the media taking stories out of context. In other words, Stranahan’s attempt at attacking Beck to defend his employer Breitbart was based entirely on falsehoods.

Oh, where to begin?

First off,  the ‘4th Hour’ isn’t part of Beck’s radio show and Glenn Beck wasn’t ON the 4th Hour. It’s a subscriber only podcast featuring two of Beck’s sidekicks that people pay $6.26  a month for as part of the Insider Extreme product Beck offers. Beck’s website describes it as….

The 4th Hour with Stu & Pat
A bonus hour immediately following the daily radio program, featuring Stu & Pat

Since I’m not a Beck listener, I wasn’t aware of it. When I became aware of it, I mentioned it. I was glad it was posted because it actually proved my point about Beck.

But here’s the real irony of these idiot “liberals” saying how bad this story makes me look – Eric Boehlert’s employer Media Matters reached exactly the same conclusion I did with LESS research than I included in my post; they put in one short clip, I included 3 from the radio show and 4+ from Beck on TV. And Media Matters for America also used it as an example of Beck making ‘false claims’ in a second post, too. So apparently MMfA is working for Andrew Breitbart now.


So, I expect that Adam at St. Louis Activist will issue a retraction or a correction or call MMfA out any decade now.


  1. Lee, you are melting minds, liberal and conservative. I love it. It theatre of the absurd to watch these folks deal with the cognitive dissonance you have created. Keep up the great work!

  2. Interesting that you found it necessary to characterize St. Luis Activist Hub as a “really crappy looking site.” Like this site is the quintessence of graphic design?

  3. It’s better than that horrorshow

  4. It always makes me smile when liberals latch onto someone they loath and put them up as a shining example of how right they are. It never ceases to make me smile. How on earth do these guys even utter the word Beck and ethical? Any other given day and Beck would be seen as just as evil if not worse than Breitbart. For today though he’s the pinnacle of ethics?

    I really like both Beck and Breitbart and have heard all sorts of vile things said about both of them. That’s why to me to see this sudden change of heart from the group that hates them is hilarious. Just wait and it will be Beck that’s evil and Breitbart that’s the shinning example of ethics.

    Keep the unbiased investigation going.


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